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Hello Martin;

When Steel Talks welcomes panorama music selections from all the composers/performing artists. However, it is up to the composers/performing artists to forward their music selections to us to be featured. Every year most of them do try to get their music to us ASAP. We will continue to present any other tunes as they are made available to us.

Love it. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!
Question- Why haven't you posted the single pan prelims? Isn't it important. I have noticed for a long time only the other catergories are mentioned.
The single pan info has been up for a while now. You can find it at http://www.panonthenet.com/tnt/2009/index.htm
Magic Drum is sweet car dun!!
look a problems for panorama 2k9.......
All of them sound really good, but some are much better. A hard pick cuz there are several really good tunes made for pan
Tune of the year is "ECSTASY" by shadow and "MAGIC DRUM" by machel montano.
I take issue with the description of this tune as Invaders' "very own original composition" and this being a first.
How can Boogsie's tune be an Invaders' original? ( last time i checked, Boogsie's band is Phase 2) . Secondly, if by original, the meaning is a tune by a non "calypsonian" then I take you back to 2003 when Invaders selected my tune "Ellie Man" for Panorama. It was truly my honor to have collaborated with Crazy and witnessed 8 major bands and youth bands all over T&T embracing this tribute song for Ellie Mannette as their tune of choice. Perhaps "exclusive" is the right choice of words for "Caribbean Woman", if in fact no one else is playing it.
That aside I wish Invaders and Boogsie and Anselm all the best in this year's quest.
My condolences to Boogsie for the loss of brother Willfred- may the music carry you forward. One Love
Jeff Narell
Hi Jeff,

I agree with you, in fact someone else on this board mentioned the same thing. The wording should be changed to reflect the truth...anything else is a deception. I would like to hear an explanation as to how the tune has become their "very own original composition"...did Boogsie sign over the rights to the tune because that's the only legal way? And even then, they can't say they wrote it...only that they own it.

I didn't know you wrote 'Ellie Man', I will have to go check it out...It was a pleasure chatting with you and Andy at the WVU workshop so many years ago when Ray wrote 'Meet Me in Morgantown'.
Wild and Wonderful is it
I gotta agree on this one.. this song is short and sweet.. plenty possibilities with the right arranger..


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