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Dangerous is the BEST!!!!!!!!!
Great song Smooth.
I hope that you will be doing the same next year, we love it.
i think that if pro arranges D Trini Way or Dangerous for us at Harmony we may win
Loving D Trini Way by Destra. It has sweet arrangements & its just rhythmic. It presents an easy process for the arrangers for as I can hear the foundation of each section of the tune (intro, 1st. jam, 2nd. jam, latin, conclusion) clearly coming out. It really sweet, sounding great! Big up to the composers & the lyricist, who is also the artist!
I love this page. It was great to hear some of the songs that are seldom played by the local radio stations. I would love to hear Tunapuna Scanty's "Bandoleros" which was played by CLICO Sforzata to win the medium band category.

keep up the good work
love love LOOOOOVVVVE "River Lime". wish someone had played it this year!


" Hey, watch the hill massive with this song "Pan Redemption", this is a badass panorama song"

you ain't NEVER lied. what they did with that tune was BADASS MAGIC. i know it'a not popular opinion but to my ears that was THE best arrangement of the panorama
True, Scanty's tune was good...I wonder if we can still have it added to the list?
You choice was boss, did you hear that Tunapuna Scanty did come first in medium bands with, of course "Bandoleros" That is just emphasising your choice, lol.
Nice melody arrangement for pan its a short song,I its a challenge for the arranger I love it.
Brazilian flagwoman, to me is the best jump up this year. Well done for sure.
Luv your arrangement of Pan Redemption Robert, great job done...Sis


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