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nice go girl
Congratulations to Alston Jack, Samantha Jack, Cris Jack, Frankie and Keith ‘Designer Prescott for giving us something other than the usual progressions that are abused with the typical so called "Pan Tunes". Also, the fact that they took the effort to use a live pan in the recording, will always get my wholehearted support; you just can't replace the sound of a real Pan...at least not yet anyway.

I don't know if the bands will use the tune or not because it's not your typical competition piece, but it is a quality composition in my opinion and I truly, really love this song.

Keith and Frankie your contributions to calypso is enormous...blessings to both you and yes, I will be harassing both of you in the near future. lol

I agree GospelPan. The tune is boss. Let's see if it will be used by any bands.
Yes Gospelpan I totally agree with you as well, this is definitely my favorite choice thus far........ I also want to congratulate Alston Jack on a job well done...... I was a youth when I played tenor bass for his arrangement of I - Music for Moods Pan Groove 1984.....nuff respect.....
The most confusing piece of nonsense i have heard in a long time.Ronnie
Ronnie, which song are you referring to?
I love Two Sticks. Let's hope there is not a repeat embarrassment at the 2010 panorama.
Great lyrics, fantastic tune, good rhythem, all in all an excellent number.
Beautiful music maybe a little too high for some arrangers and judges alike .But Ray Hollman will do justice to this one.

The problem most likely is with the version of your browser. You will have to update it to the most recent version.

download microsoft ie8. and all the music will play clear,, i had the same problem. it free.


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