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like nice melody
Designer u comin down nice ting bess c ya judith
pantrix hmm exciting good job avis
I did not see A Tribute to Ray by Mike Germain and Lord Superior on the list

 Very nice lyrics.I am in total agreement with the lyrics,Grundig and Quatro Pan also Neville Jules needs due recognition.


 Let the truth be told, Neville "CAPT" Jules is a true Icon in the pan world.





in she rainorama is a boss song. kitchener alive in this one, sugar bum bum, flagwoman and some sweet lavway. What better could a man want?
Yes Oba give it to him. This is the best i hear up to now on pan. Nah true, Gypsy forget the little black boy.
Like it a lot !!!

Come On WST you're falling behind!

DeFosto has left the best for last. "Sing Louie Sing" you must get hold of it. It is the best he has done for years and may probably win the crown with it if he sings it at Demarche Gras. And in case you're wondering, yes it can be played by a steelband.

Steelband could play anything!





Wake Up is just beautiful. Songs to me like a Nation Building Panorama song if ever there was one.
the best song for 2011, it should be the carnival anthem.
Sweet! DeFosto is in truth the heir of Kitch!


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