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I love this idea, thanks for putting this together! Looking forward to seeing who wins.
Votes are still coming in....Salah Steelpan Academy is in front.
I do not like this voting process of selecting a winner. It reduces this "world cup" to a popularity stunt - with bands and their leaders becoming more of an "election campaign manager" soliciting votes from an electoral public. I agree that the public should have some say in who the winner should be, but not the exclusive, final and somewhat bias say as this method is yielding. Unless this is a popularity contest.

Hopefully, in the future, there can be a competent team of judges/experts from all the continents who are willing to lend their expertise in selecting an overall champion - similar to how the grammys or oscars and similar awards are handed out (Even though those awards are almost a popularity contest too, experts do have a major say) with one significant difference - all the experts should be accessible by the general public through a forum such as this to support their choices.

Nonetheless, easier said than done, so for what it is worth congratulations to "Vine" and his pan cafe team and gospel pan for making this production possible.
To be fair, you raise an important point. Voting is hard to look and act fair
Also the amount of criticism thrown our way is plentiful.
But I can handle it..

first of all i have never heard of a panorama that is fair ANYWHERE. There is never a runaway winner.. Music and sport differ, because in music comps the best don't always win..

Secondly this whole process was nothing more than a bit of fun for christmas, that is why i did it in this format, a bit of friendly spirit and banter.. Because remember this after the year is over what happens to all this fantastic music.. Not much really

SO KEEP VOTING................. BAH HUMBUG
Yea Pan Cafe,
I hear ya -- but when the winner is decided...they will have the title "Voted best Panorama Steelband (2009) in the World by WST members."

That is a significant statement yea? And even though it is all in the fun of Christmas -- there will be some kind of "lasting" effect...
Good points,

it's never a good idea to use music to compete because it's not sensible, however it is what it is. What we have done is we've given pan folks the opportunity to say, "forget the judges, let us be the judge". It finally gives us a measuring rod of what the people think as a whole instead of what the judges think and although it's a fun event, it gives an accurate view of what pan folks on this board think.

Interesting concept GospelPan, but you didn't say "forget the judges". You and the other promoters appealed to the tribal nature of pan. You didn't say "vote for best sounding band from a musical perspective regardless of your affiliation." And that I found very very disappointing.

What if there are a thousand fans for bands A and only two fans for band B, but band B is clearly the musically superior band - where in your promotion do you call for the best band to win?

I'm not feeling this competiton. And there no such thing as just fun in pan when you use words like "panorama".

I want to answer this one

Hey Bugs, Merry Xmas

As Pan Players and Lovers which we all are, Why shouldn't we have a chance to have a say?
Then what is best sounding band?... Music, Who decides that... Tuning, Who Decides That... Popularity, again who decides that..
at the moment 2-4 people do and we have to accept that....

Ok then if band A has a thousand voters and band B has 2, band A wins, simple...

All 4 bands won their respective panorama's and to me they are all brilliant pieces of music.. do you agree or not?????

I have played many panorama's and had fun in all of them, of that i will not apologise. Panorama is just that FUN..

last but not least, i would love to know how we could get yourself to feel this competition or get involved for next year, because there is something on the tip of your tongue that can make this even better..

Thanks for that my friend

Apology not needed. You did your thing. You did not sit on the sideline.

Vine the short coming in this show from my perspective was that it was promoted as a popularity contest. You and others abandoned everything musical. It is only now that you are challenged that you use terms as "all brilliant pieces of music". You made this a popularity contest. There is nothing wrong with that if that is what you wanted. I think it would have better to ask people to listen to the arrangements and ask themselves musical questions. Which performance was the best? Which band was the tightest? Which band had the best transitions? Which band had the best minor movements? etc.

It seems to me that you appealed to the lowest command denominator. You could have use this opportunity to elevate the musical thinking of the pan community instead of the constant my band mentality (which does its place). But then again that was not your objective - that would have been mine.

I think if you heard the announcement you will hear me say how good the bands are, but i should have maybe said more about the music, fair enough..

To basically call 1200 people who have listened "lowest command denominators" is very unfair.
Also i played the songs as they were performed, so the music was there. it should have spoke for itself.

anyway you have given food for thought in your message, for that i am pleased, and will surely work at it for next time..
And a great idea is to ask questions about arrangement, tightness etc..

Enjoy your xmas,

Very good show I hope it grows into something special.
That said, when comparing steelband perfomances, one cannot just go down the vote for one band route. The comparison must be made across all performers. This is where you fall into the trap of favouring your home band and not listening to the arrangements, the nuances in phrases and not least the maintaining of the rhythm by the engine room.
That's enough gripe, my vote goes to Silver Stars. If I had to place them 1-2-3? Then It would be Silver Stars, Sonatas and Ebony. Too bad the participants would have been, in some cases, not necessarilly the peoples choice in each country.

Roll on 2010

8 out of 10 fellas

Happy New Year
I think this entire idea was brilliant and clever, what a wonderful bit of fun!. big up to Vine for being so creative. I LOVED how he made it seem like a 'live" show with entertainment, and each national anthem, he had me cracking up! none of these bands is my home band so that didn't enter into it....i just joined in the fun for fun's sake, and 'voted' for the one that sounded best to me in the broadcast. Each band already won their own 'real' Panorama, so anyone with a lick a sense could see this was all just a bit of fun entertainment, and to promote pan in a new and innovative way.

good for you Vine for being so creative and for comin up with such a fun and innovative idea! I enjoyed it immensely!


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