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Thanks for the vote of confidence...8 out of 10 isn't bad for the first show.
Good answers...there's always ways to improve and I'm sure next year will be better and who knows...this may lead to various steel band associations coming together to make this virtual show an actual event.
Keep the votes coming in, so far 1,404 have voted.
Wether you love it or hate it Your band and country need you

To vote, click on this URL and follow the instructions: http://www.panorama-worldcup.com/
This may seem like a popularity contest, but all four bands deserve to win.. But there can be only 1...
I just placed my vote and so far Sonatas has 82 votes. I am sure there is more than 82 Sonata fan out there. Where is everyone, Sonatas need your votes so please place your votes
Any more voters out there, time is running out?


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