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PanTrinbago: Be prepared to give up something

PANTRINBAGO's financial troubles are far from over.

Speaking at the official opening of the organisation's office, at the corner of Duke and Melbourne Streets, president Beverly Ramsey-Moore said as manager of Katzenjammers Steel Orchestra in Tobago, she too has had to tell her 90 players who performed for Panorama 2018, that PanTrinbago does not have the funds to pay players.

And, she said, it does not look possible for 2019.

Ramsey-Moore said the organisation moved from an allocation of $30 million to $20 million, and the executive cannot continue to put the organisation in debt.

“We are appealing to our member bands, speak to your players just as I have done as a manager that we are all in this together. Somebody has to give. If we have to maintain our price structure and if we have to ensure we satisfy our members, then they too must come up with resourceful ways of servicing their players.

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Pan Trinbago should set up a website where the rest of the world we gave pan to, should be asked to make a donation according to their means. PT can then give a gift item to them as a token of appreciation or even make them an individual member with no voting rights but could attend meetings. There is such a membership in PT. . If everyone puts at least US $25.00 and at most $100.00 US and 100,000 persons do the same annually, that's 2.5 million USD and up. That should be the plan to pay pan players 2018, 2019, 2020 and beyond. Isn't it? It should continue yearly. Isn't PT still the world organization of pan? or that also went through the window.   PT is asking the pan member bands to pay pan players but have not outlined what's their plan to correct the short fall but went on to hope the government will meet the 30 million in the future. Again going back to the tax payers funds. What is the present PT plans for internationally raising millions of dollars across the globe. My question. The INTERNET is here now. No excuses any more. Something I have foretold would happen.

Sidd: If you go back and read a posting (response) that you put up a few weeks ago -- and which I re-posted as a new topic -- you will see that you were saying that there is MONEY right there in Trinidad that people are willing to "invest" in PAN TRINBAGO -- but NOT UNDER BEVERLEY.

Now you are saying that the outside world should just send BEVERLEY about 16 million TT dollars annually because Trinidad gave PAN to the world.

Look, if Beverley WANTED to pay the PAN MEN -- the money IS THERE (right there in Trinidad) with a little creativity!!!

Here is another prediction. The government will reduce their payout to 10 million in 2020, then 5 million in 2021 and finally they will stop supporting PT for good. And that is the way it should be. The government of T&T does not own pan. The world owns it. That is, the conventional pans not the G-Pan patented pans.

"She acknowledged that the situation was painful as players were expecting payment, but she said the organization did not create the problem. “Those who created the mischief must pay for it."

odw yes correct.  Those who created were leaders in PT. Legally both parties are liable. Those leaders and PT the organization. 

Are there any lawyers in TT who are willing to contest this case pro bono? There was a contract (oral and otherwise) for players payment in 2018. The same thing happened in 2016 when they were promised $1000 but paid $500.
By the way what sacrifices are being made by the PT executive (no salary/ stipend/ honorarium/ consulting fee)?

A pan player shouldn't play for free but a lawyer should work for free?

I gave Beverly the benefit of the doubt to manage Pan Trinbago, however, it seems as Tobago is small so too is her mindset. All over the world, there are Go Fund Me programs for all sort of things. Pan Trinbago should be the premier house of world Pan and as such should and could be funded by the public. How could you in a few months without a public consensus of ways to fund the organization, you just shut your doors and say there is no payment for 2018; 2019 and possibly beyond for pan players. Ask questions; come on the forum and have a chat with us and hopefully, we can come up with some good suggestions like Steve Taylor (Sidd).

"it seems as Tobago is small so too is her mindset."

I am going to set up a "GO FUND ME" Account to support the Pan Players of Trinidad and Tobago.

It's Done... WE STARTING AT $250,000 for Support of the Pan Players of Trinidad and Tobago. 


Just as long as you DO NOT GIVE THAT MONEY to the "small mindset" Tobagonian and get it DIRECTLY to the PAN PLAYERS who have been SPURNED by THIS ADMINISTRATION!!!

All she SUPPORTERS was talking SO BIG and none ah dem cyar LIFT A FINGER!!!

Ah sending my CONTRIBUTION directly to SAN CITY STEELBAND. But I will also contribute to YOUR FUND!!!


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