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When will be a good time for us to start back talking about PanTrinbago Headquarters, the government said that they were going to complete it, I guess by now it must be nearing completion or they have not started as yet? what's the word pan people want to know.

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Boogsie said it some years ago, put pan in the hands of businessman, because those at Pantrinbago only seeing about themselves ... pan is not going any way.

Which businessmen? The Indians, Syrians or Chinese? With all those millions, maybe they can hire Ernst & Young to do an annual audit. Shouldn't cost much. It's worth the price for "transparency and accountability, isn't it?

Ramdoo, Well said, but not an Ordinary Audit a Forensic Audit Seeing that is Taxpayers money that is been mishandled Plenty Jail terms may be in the making. I bet if that is situation and consequences for fraudulent activities once proven, All the nonsense will stop.

Only when it have any major pan competition, we hear about Pan Trinbago other wise they are in the dark.

Curtis Williams,  we have to keep them in the light

As we speak PanTrinbago is sitting on millions of dollars and no one knows how much.


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