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PARTY START for Phase II -- Boogsie breaks promise to play Professor's Pan By Storm

Newsday January 12, 2019

Joan Rampersad

We are confident of victory in 2019 -- says BOOGSIE!!!

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This is a REAL BOSS LINE, Boy: "... pan players should not be treated as lesser mortals.”

Ah wonder if that man talking to BEVERLEY or GYPSY or DOLLY?

Ah lot ah interesting HINTS in this article!!!

I imagine BROKEN PROMISE  from Down South IN SAPA.  Ken Professor Will be turning in his grave come Panorama CK219.

Heaven forbid. Boogsie ... GOD IS WATCHING AND LISTENING. 

“It was an emotional time when I made that statement. I even started it (Pan By Storm) but when I heard Party Start it changed my mind, body and soul. It came just like last year when I changed from playing Nailah’s song to Hello. It’s all about the vibes.”

Philmore’s widow, Sophia, supported Sharpe's decision.

“I know Boogsie had all good intention to do Pan By Storm but it just was not practical. With all those bands playing the latest party songs he did the best thing to switch, and I love that song, Party Start, so I will be going down to the panyard very soon to hear them play it.”

You have to recognize DIPLOMACY when you see it!!!

I credit JOAN RAMPERSAD for a fair and balanced reporting, won't over-analyze what was said.

Very clearly recall seeing the announcement on When Steel Talks that tunes of choice for Panorama had to be between
2008 and present. Pan by Storm composed in I believe 1990.

6.             MUSIC:


6.1        Music Selection – For the purposes of the competition, each participating steelband may select and perform any Calypso/Soca or Chutneyproviding that:


a)    the selection has not been played by said steelband at a previous Panorama Competition.


6.2        Failure to Comply with Music Selection - Any steelband which selects a  tune for the competition that fails to comply with clause 6.1 hereof shall be            disqualified from the competition.



So the question is, what should a band do when they see the above? Go ahead and challenge it all the way to the courts or take the easier route? Where are the rules for 2019?

Claude, what would you have advised Boogsie to do?

BOOGSIE is the BIGGEST PAN TALENT in TRINIDAD -- a SIRIUS PAN STAR. Nobody could tell him what to do!!!

But the headline speaks for itself for those who have followed this story from the first day when Beverley engaged him to DESTROY the political campaign of KERON VALENTINE!!!

"Boogsie breaks promise to play Professor's Pan By Storm" -- END OF STORY!!!

A picture paints a thousand words...

Team Rebuild internet campaign theme song..

Boogsie wins Panorama with this tune.

Enough said...Boogsie RULES

Phase ll - Clear De Way

Steelband Panorama Finals 1998.


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