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Audra Preddie star musician/tailor and blood relative transitioned to sit in the presence of ancestors earlier today.  Another Trinidad All Stars giant has joined the galaxy. I celebrate your life, love and wisdom over the years.

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Talk about  a foreboding. For the past 3 months I have been struggling to get a phone number to call Audra. He and I were really tight going back to our teen days in Nelson Street. Audra introduced me to the guitar. Everyone knows how talented he was. That's the price I pay for not visiting T&T for 10 years because every time I land there,

the Planning where he lived was my first stop. R.I.P. ..my brother, or as we used to call each other.."the village ram"  

Cyril Boldon

R.I.P. My uncle. All Stars has lost one of their original members.

R.I.P. Uncle Audra.   Now I have no one to adjust meh carnival costume.  He will continue to live on in my heart.  Gone but will never be forgotten.  :) Joanne McKie


RIP.. The Stars are your home now.

Condolences to the All Stars and Audra family.

There are so many stories that can be told about Audra, but it will take quite some time. What I will say is

, he was a True True Trinidad All Stars. He was an inspiration to me during my tenure as the leader  of All Stars. My condolences to the Family of Audra.


                                                   HAMILTON "WEB" ALEXANDER.

R. I P. Audra. "Unquestionable" one of the GREATEST !!  Hopefully we will pull out all the stops and bring the trophy back to Duke Street for all those who left us recently to join "Galaxy All Stars"


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