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I have a confession to make, pan people.

 I've come to realize that my perceptions on the steel pan are derived  from my relationship with the pan, and I'm thinking that the same applies to just about everyone else on this forum.


I "beat pan" from the mid sixties into the early seventies, until circumstances prevented me from continuing.

During that time, I played the cellos, and tenor bass pans, and  always saw myself as a member of a band, or team.

I was not a "crackshot"


So when I think of pan, I think of the steelband first, and the individual player secondly.


I get the distinct impression that many of the members of this forum played lead instruments, instruments that are capable of standing alone, and therefore see themselves as individual players , not necessarily associated with, of dependent on the steel band.


Some. and I emphasize some of these individuals , see themselves capable of being successful panists with or without the steel band, and it may be that some of them see such  things as synthesizers and samplers not as potential threats to the very existence of the traditional steelband, but as tools to be used to enhance their individual performances and careers.


As a result, in discussions an subjects such as  the afore mentioned synthesizers and samplers, their interests and mine tend to diverge.


Thoughts, anyone?

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You said it "spread PAN music" like Sidd all you want is the music NOT the pan.

In the early days of football you had a center-forward - today you have strikers - from beat pan to play pan..... 

Greetings and Wow! The level of this discussion is doctoral quality. I am so proud of my pan family Guidance Dr. Lance Seunarine


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