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Keron Valentine, new Executive Director of Hadco Phase II with Arranger Len 'Boogsie' Sharpe and John Hadad, Executive Chairman of Hadco

Keron Valentine, new Executive Director of Hadco Phase II with Arranger Len 'Boogsie' Sharpe and John Hadad, Executive Chairman of Hadco

Phase II is now known as Hadco Phase II and the band is now under new leadership.

Former Port-of-Spain Mayor Keron Valentine will now take over the rein of leadership as the band’s Executive Manager.

The changes were announced at a media launch on Thursday in addition to plans to develop the band’s space in Woodbrook, called The Village.

Speaking to Loop earlier this week, Valentine, 33, said one of his first acts was to acknowledge Hadco’s support of the band through the name change.

“They are a very special corporate sponsor. I have worked with quite a number of other corporate entities and they are into it.  Most corporate people just see it as the dollar figure they put behind the steel pan but Hadco cares about the wellbeing of the band and we have a very close relationship with them and we keep abreast of all the developments.  When I came on I was always hearing it is Phase II in collaboration with Hadco but I told them we have to acknowledge that it is a lot of resources, financial and otherwise given to Phase II so we need to relaunch and call the band Hadco Phase 11 Pan Groove,” he said.

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Congratulations to all, this is a positive move and I wish Hadco Phase ll Pan Groove all the bast.

Very disappointing. Phase II was the only band in Trinidad and Tobago that handled the sponsorship relationship properly until now. What's wrong with a collaborative effort or an association?  So sad. Boogise must be tired. I remember when he was adamant that no one owned Phase II. He understood the value of Phase II.

It is just a matter of time before Mr. Valentine give up the yard that Boogsie fought so hard for.

And let's not forget that Mr. Valentine is beholden to the PT gangstas. He just the latest version of the gangstas. 


bugs: Yuh eh taking NO PRISONERS at all, boy!!! Yuh BLUNT like dem RAPTORS SHOOTERS!!!

Boogsie admit that he "getting down" but look how old CECIL HINKSON and ELLIE MANNETTE is and dem fellahs still GETTING UP.

This guy compromises Phase II. Imagine this guy is negotiating for Hadco. Giving them things they never asked for. I remember reading how a big sponsor of the early steelbands wanted to make it clear, it was not them who required their names to be attached to the bands. The bands did it on their own. FOOLs... How about Valentine trying to get HADCO to change their name to Phase II Hadco.


GETTING UP is not a choice, it a BLESSING...


Laugh Out Real Loud! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Achoo!! — Bless you!!

Bugs I agree with you at 1000%

BOOGSIE RULES, nothing changing that...

Boogsie rules what? If Boogsie signed on with this Valentine character Boogsie ain't Boogsie no more.

Today is a sad day in the history of Phase II and sad day in the history of Pan. 

One of the great steel orchestra franchises of Trinidad and Tobago allowed a new exec to facilitate the  placing of a outside company name and logo in front of their name for free.

Cecil did Hadco buy at least 51% of Phase II? Does Phase II own a substantial amount of stock in Hadco? Was Mr. Valentine negotiating for Phase II or Hadco? Since when has "sponsorship" as practiced with Trinidad and Tobago steelbands been more than an association for an event? Is Hadco now the parent company of Phase II?

Cecile Valentine is either King Stupid or King Treachery among us. He also one of the vultures itching to replace Rolly Polly. Can you imagine this idiot running Pan in Trinidad.& Tobago.


Bugs, If Boogsie choose to make his band Hadco Phase ll and name Keron Valentine manager I have to respect his decision.You must understand that Boogsie saw Keron grow up from a baby, they lived next to each other, the young man went to Fatima  Collage and later got a Pan Trinbago scholarship to attend university, he became deputy Mayor then Acting Mayor of POS, before the age of 30. If he is Manager /Captain of Phase ll at 33 I just have to BUG him up. 

Cecil your Raptors will never get past Lebron (low blow) but what does that have to do with the price of tea in China?

Boogsie made a very bad mistake. You would think he would have people around him who coud tell him you can do much better than this.


Bugs, I have no reason to dislike Mr Valentine, as a matter of fact I think he has done well for himself in his 33yrs.


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