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Another brilliant arrangement from Boogsie, but I think there were way too many distractions to the arrangement, better luck with those gimmicks next time!
The count was just a bit too slow. I think that would have made the difference, The energy of the band seems low.
I agree to, it was a bit too slow!!!!
When a band is clean (Phase 11) or squeaky clean (All Stars) is it a myth or a fact that although they played at their correct speeds (as, in my opinion, both the Phase and All Stars did) the bands APPEARED to sound slower? True or false anyone..especially players. Tks.
Too slow especially following the Impact of Silver Stars tempo
A very nice arrangement, but are we judging based on energy and performance or the quality of the arrangement or both? If it's both, what's more important to you? Silver Stars had a lot more energy and excitement in their performance but IMHO, the arrangement was not close to this quality...so I think it all depends what we are looking for at Panorama.
I indicated on another forum discussion that this take was a tad too slow. People were annoyed at me for saying this, but you can see and hear for yourselves. I am aware that a certain type of song will require a certain tempo in order for the true appeal and potential of the song to be realized. I am also aware that the onstage fiasco may have had something to do with player discomfort. But, to my mind, all of this is just hype. In the professional circle, either you get it right or you don't, and pan players are professionals in their own right, especially at Panorama time. So, just appreciate the music for the joys it provides you with and be still. Music is meant to soothe, not create tension because of competitiveness. Every band was good on the night. There were just some better than others, that is all. Zanda's arrangement, in true Bradleyian style, could also have won Deltones the panorama [listen to it very carefully] and then where would the argument have gone? Say wha!!!
Hard luck Boogsie...my yardstick for judging a well arranged panorama piece is still Music in Meh Blood...Magic Drum was a great tune, but for arrangement it doesn't come anywhere near to Music in Meh Blood...Boogsie has never gain been able to capture the brilliance of that 6-beat stop....time to move on to a new trick....the real amazing thing is that they didn't win that year, but then again stranger things have happened in Panorama, for instance look how All stars placed third this year..absolutely amazing
The evidence is overwhelming phase 2 has more second place finishes by one point or less than any other band in the histrory of panorama.Something smells real bad in trinidad not the labasse but in the offices of pantrinbago and the fraternity of socalled judges.Why not try judging the likes of charlie parker jr.,miles davis, dizzy gilespie,etc.Your activities in the pan world is nothing short of atrocious.

Sometimes the props used in the theatrics distract and take away from an otherwise brilliant performance, ent...


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