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We have heard all the large bands put down the music for 2017 Panorama, how do you think it will end this year. Let's see who can pick the first 5 bands.

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Lets remind the judges that the MUSIC take precedence over all else.

Exodus, Phase2, Renegades, Desperadoes All Stars.

My picks are: Despers, Renegades, Starlift, All Stars, Exodus

The winner will be one of the following Desperadoes, Renegades, Phase II, All Stars.

Only All Stars and Desperadoes can play in position one and still win.

If All Stars plays after these three bands, Good night - it is over. They can do no less than a tie for first.

If Renegades plays late and the other "Good Morning's" play early it will be a Renegade party for. The whole Savannah singing Trinidad Good Morning while Duvone is conducting will be too much for any band to overcome. 

Exodus has a nice arrangement but they don't have any canopies. So they don't stand a chance.


Bugs the doctor from the university said canopy don't help. There is a discussion in the forum about canopies check it out.

Has the doctor ever played on the big stage on Panorama night?


Bugs read Exodus: no need for canopies.


Exodus has not come close to sniffing a Panorama win since they went canopy-less.


Renegades,Despers, Starlift ,Exodus , phase 11

1.Phase11,2-Despers,3-All Stars,4-Renegades,5-Exodus.

All Stars, XO, Radoes, Supernova, Renegades


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