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Ok pan people we have heard most of the Big Bands in the prelims, lets see if you can pick the 2 bands that will score the highest in the semis. My pick is DESPERADOES and FONCLAIRE. What's yours?

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I did not hear Silverstars who have been in the top five for the last five years and winners row twice. There are sometimes sleepers as I noted.

I hear yuh Joshua.

As you see all the big bands did not advance. Despers and Starlift also ran.

And Silverstars point wise is second.

invaders and exodus

Invaders and Deltones.


Renegades and Deltones

This year the music standard is very high, even with the small bands,my pick is Desperadoes and All Stars


All Stars by 1/2 point over Exodus

Renegades & Despers in my ideal world lol






Renegades / All stars for now!!


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