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Ok pan people we have heard most of the Big Bands in the prelims, lets see if you can pick the 2 bands that will score the highest in the semis. My pick is DESPERADOES and FONCLAIRE. What's yours?

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Phase II and All stars!!


My favs so far are Renegades and Invaders.

Trinidad All Stars1st and Despers

Have not listened to any band play. My selections are based on the tunes chosen,the lyrical content and envisaged arrangement capabilities. my choices Phase 11 /  Silvers Stars.

Trust me on this one...ha ha ha ha!...allyuh ready?   Exodus and Desperadoes.

desperadoes and phase II

Renegades and Phase 2

I agree with your pick, Fonclaire and Despers.  

This of course is based on what you have heard on WST. Since you have not heard all sixteen bands your choices will be bias.

Exodus is a name now synonymous with winner’s row; but do you remember when Exodus put DUS IN DEY FACE, or when NuTones and Bradly gave them a sermon with HIGH MASS or when Silverstars came out of nowhere to be FIRST IN THE LINE. You have to hear all before you can judge.

Joshua what happened to Renegades last year only happen once every thousand years, the same thing with NuTones. Just in case you don't know panorama is very predictable you are sure all the big bands will advance and we have heard all the big bands with the exception of StarLift,so just for the fun of it do like everyone else and pick yuh two. 


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