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Semis finish, now it's down to the wire, give us your final 5.

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Silver Stars, Supernovas, Starlift, Skiffle, Despers.

Patrick Ramdoo: I don't know what you are drinking, but it is WAY TOO STRONG. You picked  out FOUR of the LAST PLACE bands in the TOP FIVE. Please save some of that STUFF you are drinking for me IF EVER I come to Trinidad!!!

No Claude, I was picking all that start with the letter "S" first. Don't they always say "the judges got it wrong "?

patrick ramdoo, that one point between the 1st band and 2nd is telling me they are fixing to anoint the 2nd. just my opinion.

Claude Gonzales I just revised my pick. Instead of FUSION I pick SIPARIA DELTONES to win the Small Conventional Bands. Simply because Zanda owe them after migrating to Town and he will show the pan world that he is the new boss in arranging. Cecil you ask a question about five pick for Panorama. You got my answer. It is not all about the large bands . PAN ELDERS is the talk all over Trinidad trust me . I am now in Barateria and I just left my mother and aunties band Exodus panyard because they playing mas with them. I wearing a PAN ELDERS tee shirts and I am getting high fives all over town. When was the last time a band won the title four times in a row. They are now considered the modern Guinness Cavaliers in Trinidad. Eat your hearts out Claude and come Carnival Saturday is licks like fire .
Not impressed by any of 'em. They all seem recycled. The first three bands in the NY panorama would have eaten the competition in T&T.
Somebody chose Radoes, maybe he's correct. Radoes came first in NY.

It is down to the wire for Panorama 2017 which is looking like it's going to be a "nail biter" Despers has their job cut out for them with All Stars, Renegades and XO breathing down their neck.

Phase ll  has a lot of catching to do but with Boogsie yuh never know, he has to really dig deep this year.

I hope politics has nothing to do with the outcome of this panorama.

Picking five might not have anything to do with who you like, but how you feel it will end up:  All Stars, Despers, Renegades, Silver Stars, XO is how I feel it will end up.

Desperadoes, Renegades, Allstars, Phase 11, Exodus, 

By this time I guess most arrangers have finished tweeking their tune now it's drill time. The Drillmaster is seldom given props for their role in a bands performance,  after the arranger, the drillmaster has the most important job, that is to bring out the arrangement and get the band "tight" which means playing the tune over and over again. A lot of arrangers don't like this task this is why we have to big up the drillmasters.


I somehow feel that Silver Stars will be in the first 5, the judges seem the like choreography and All Stars and Silver Stars have a lot in their performance, the "show" factor seem to be big this year.

In my perfect world, it would be Starlift 1st 2nd 3rd 4th and 5th. But that's never gonna happen so here goes...

1st Phase II

2nd Desperados

3rd All Stars

4th Starlift

5th Renegades

6th Invaders

7th Supernovas

8th Exodus

9th Skiffle

10th Silver Stars

11th Tropical Angel Harps

That's my pick for the finals.

Randi, you are Starlift to de bone, they are having a good year, in the finals and looking dangerous. best of luck to them.


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