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The new Minister of Culture finally shows up and cuts the Carnival Budget by $44 MILLION. Cecil Hinkson never listens to me!!!


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Mr. Young: I posted this article before. But just for you I will post it again. Mariano Browne is the most "educated" politician in the modern history of Trinidad & Tobago (in my opinion). So take your time and read this article and you will become aware of what is going to happen in T&T over the next THREE YEARS.

The voters of Trinidad and Tobago made a mistake in the 2015 elections and the error (changing horses in midstream) will play itself out over the next three years for all to see.

They are not lying!!!! The country is B-R-O-K-E and this government does not have the BRAINS to save the nation. Bad things  are going to happen. But if you are living in New York bad things are going to happen too. So pick your poison.


You can’t blame voters for the decision they made; everyone knows where the real power lies in the country, this type of propaganda is being spread to create fear and uncertainty, the blame game has started.

When he Mariano Browne was the minister he knew what was going to happen with the economy did he advise curbing SPENDING?  You paid foreign entities brokers/consultants who sold you some BS about fighting CRIME and your cities being a war zone.

I say pick sense out of nonsense. Hindsight is a bitch! You have to LEAD by EXAMPLE….

Trinidad govt defends purchase of armoured vehicles

“(Minister) Griffith stated that modern-day law enforcement is evolving at a rapid rate to treat with threats which may not have existed decades ago. Due to the transnational nature of crime, there is now more than ever a need to restructure and realign T&T’s National Security apparatus as the present capacity of our Defence Force and law enforcement agencies do not cater for these new threats.”


I read Clauds's Newsday link , and it told us what we already know,

T&T is in recession because of oil prices , and the budget has to be cut.

They're optimistically predicting two years , but I wish them luck.

According to the article , they are asking the manufacturing sector to step up.

As I've been saying for the longest while , I also think that the time is past for a serious investment in the entertainment sector i.e. the culture , carnival and steelband , not  cut back , but that's just my opinion.

And btw , I wish the political partisans on this forum would just let it be .

Kamla and Rowley , PNM and UNC have nothing to do with world oil prices, as far as I know.

And as far I'm concerned , both parties , all parties are responsible , with varying degrees , for the mess that the country is in today

My inference from the article is that things are going to get REALLY REALLY BAD in TRINDAD if one looks at the social structure of the island and the ramifications of the poor getting poorer.

There are NO REWARDS to come from putting money into the entertainment sector. That would just be another GIMME GIMME project.

I'm thinking about more revenue based on a bigger focus on tourism , Claude.
Which means a whole infrastructure including moderately priced hotels etc, adequate transportation and all the things you would need to do if you are serious about investing in local cultural activities with tourism in mind , and to generate revenue to the nations coppers.

I do not mean just giving Pan Trinbago a few more dollars.
We have to think a little bigger than that Claude.

Other economies are built largely on tourism , with less cultural activities to offer, why not Trinidad?
In all my years in New England , I've seen adds from all types of countries including the Caribbean, but never one from Trinidad.
Why is that?
The time when Dr. Eric Williams said "Money is no Problem" is long past.

Gentlemen, please excuse my personal RANT, meant no disrespect to anyone, I just felt the minister had no RIGHT to lecture me on the state of the economy.

When he was in that leadership position he knew the problems we were going to face. He took no ACTION to help MANAGE the impact. Thanks for the intervention Glenroy.

Glenroy: Trinidad WILL NEVER be a TOURIST DESTINATION. Unless aliens land there and leave some kind of MONUMENT that intrigues the world. Right now they are talking that talk (again) down there but it will just blow over and the airplanes will continue to empty out in Antigua, St Lucia and Barbados and arrive in Trinidad with 99% EXPATS.

Don't forget the ANTI-TOURIST inculcation from the late sixties and early seventies with its lasting effects.

That "Money is no Problem" line was grossly misunderstood by the Trinidad public and distorted to mean something miles away from the message he was delivering.


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