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Pool for Pan - Trinidad government gives thumbs up!

Minister says their concerns have been answered. 

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WHAT ARE SOME SOLUTIONS for Pan Trinbago to generate revenues to be self-sufficient in the future? Tell Diaz and his Crooks (His Govt' friends) do not put the Money in their Pocket give it back to the Pan-men. (The Truth will come out one day after they get an Audit)


First solution is the fire Diaz and his people.

Arthur: They can't get rid of Diaz!!! And take away all the CIRCUS ACTS from around these SEMIS and the show will lose money!!!!


I feel the pain of all pannists and lovers of the PAN when I read about the desecration of our indigenous instrument - the PAN and PANORAMA.

It is ironic that the PAN is not embraced and placed in the highest esteem by all in Trinidad and Tobago.  This creative instrument will be (and it's happening) "stolen" by other countries and playing the PAN is being taught to as many persons in the world.  We created and own this instrument and you are overtly disowning it!!  I guess you really do not appreciate or value the historical,educational, economical, philosophical, anthropological, religious and societal value of the PAN and PANORAMA.  The world is waiting in the corners of the stage to grab the PAN away from you and introduce their PANORAMA!

PAN and POOL do not mesh!  That setting belongs to the beaches.  Panorama is an important component of Carnival and the competition plays a vital role  in the self-esteem, self-worth, pride and musical competence of the Trinidadian and Tobagonian.   Like Cricket, the bat signifies the achievement of self-worth, self-esteem, a unique place in life for the Caribbean batsman and the PAN reinforces the creativity, talent and uniqueness of  Caribbean musicians. 

 Have your pool party another time at the same venue, but honour PANORAMA, The PANNISTS and all involved in showcasing the pan to the local communities and the world.    PANORAMA must be respected and be an entitiy on its own where locals and visitors could enjoy and be smothered by the beautiful sound of the pan and the skillful execution of the scale by  pannists - extraordinarie!!!

Dieheart PANORAMA enthusiast and adoration for the PANNIST and the PAN!


Trinidad Panorama to me is like the Olympics or world cup soccer ....consider an alternative event occurring simultaneously with the 100 metres dash in olympics or a Brazil vs Spain final ( or semifinal). 

To first address the making of revenue issue ...... have your pool party, invite & pay pan groups to be a part of it, if you want to pretend you doing it for pan....but do not have it on Panorama days.

when I listen to the Minister of Culture speak on this issue ...clearly he is only following not leading...this brings me to my topic WE NEED A MINISTRY EXCLUSIVELY FOR PAN IN T&T.....But this government is not ready for the pan except to advertize when a head of state comes to T&T to "show -off" that Pan is our culture ...one word to describe this behaviour "HYPOCRISY" . Pan people need to wake up and stand up for the pan

There is many a slip twixt the cup and the lip.  He should fire the scribe who wrote his script.  They will have to drag the young people screaming and kicking from the pool to listen to the pans.  I used to think that politicians were intelligent. 

What is he going to do there on Sunday - listen to the pans or to ensure that the owners of  pool have followed all the safety instructions and regulations?  If he is a Trinidadian, did he ever like the steel bands when he was growing up?  Did he ever enjoy Panorama?  Did it attract him in anyway shape or form?  If they did not appeal to him, you can see the disconnect.  He will not stand up for the steel band community.

Pantrinbago n Government riding this same horse
Develop a SteelPanBand Economy and form a Trade Union, then let the chips fall where they may!

As a pannist myself, in the MECCA OF PAN, it really hurts to have to perform in the midst of all the controversy year-after-year. Being raised by parents (dec'd) that were sticklers for high standards, giving constant reminders to STAY FAR from disrespect or anything that tarnishes your reputation, and I, actually educating on the benefits of that mindset, it's a sad state of affair, to be actively part of the PAN family (fraternity) for 4 decades and despite having played under the hands of the Beethovens and Tchaikovskys of pan...Ray Holman, Len 'Boogsie' Sharpe; Clive Bradley (dec'd), Pat Bishop and Artie Shaw (classical music & dec'd);  and Dr Jit Samaroo, and also currently being a member of an international, iconic steel orchestra - Renegades...9-times Panorama and current hat-trick champs, that top-of-the-world, Olympic-gold, one-of-a-kind feel never reared its head.

After Panorama, it's only if your band wins the competition (and ONLY the large bands though; only God knows what the medium, small and single-bands do after), the stage side/core of the Panorama team are somewhat showered with opportunities - EVERYBODY wants you to perform at their respective events (most for FREE), couple overseas tours, a few nationwide events, and you enjoy your own personal high. It's as though the pan officials are clueless of how to create stardom and wealth from the artform whether its from a champion band or not.

Has anyone ever thought if there were to be no Panorama in Trinidad & Tobago for two years owing to some type of hindrance what will Pan Trinbago do? What will the pannists do?  

It is my firm belief that the PAN fraternity needs new think tanks.

I maintain...QUALITY BREATHES $$$' and so, my thought is: first, there needs to be high standards associated with PAN. The era for the indiscipline, the deafening obscene language, the drunkedness, the panyards being a haven for idling has to end, and end now!

It's as though you have a bank with no business happening on the inside, and waiting for a one-off loan sale to generate business and draw attention.

There are lots of business in pan apart from the musical aspect but where are the brains...

How do we truly sell PAN this Pulsating, Amazing and Noble instrument?

Sandra you first have to get rid of the dummies, thugs and gangsters who are running Pan Trinbago and replace them with people of integrity.


To all the responders to the Panorama Pool Party Splash, do you have any ideas and solutions for Panorama 2015.

Perhaps the time has come to separate Panorama from the Savannah.  Boycotting the programme is not a good idea.  Think about the players working night and day to make it to the top.  No more complaints.  Please dust of your ideas and present them.


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