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Let's pray for Dr. Roy Cape's full and speedy recovery after he sustained a non life threatening injury from a fall earlier in the week. The Doctor is in high spirits and is resting comfortably at the moment. 

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We speak wellness into the Doctor body.

When Steel Talks extends best wishes to Dr. Roy Cape

More on the legendary Dr. Roy Cape


Leroy, Roy (with Roy Cape)

Released on: 2015-01-23

Producer: Leroy Calliste
Composer: Leroy Calliste
Lyricist: Leroy Calliste
Composer: Roy Cape
Lyricist: Roy Cape

Roy Cape All Stars With Black Stalin At Tobago Soca Spree 2K14

Agree. a true culture warrior. the country needs 1000 more like him - Speedy recovery Dr. Roy Cape - Boston Carnival Village 10/19/2019

Get well soon, Roy. Blessings

Hold Tight Soldier. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery. Blessed Love.

Get well soon old soldier.
There are more battles to fight still.



Legendary Dr. Roy Cape Injured In Fall


Get Well Rise up and shine dear friend and brother Dr. Roy Cape, you still have more non-stops to play with the Dutchy Brothers and play sweet sax. From all of the Devlugt family

Orville De Vlugt Dutchy 

Wishing Pappy a speedy recovery

Panorama will come and Panorama will go, rules will change and rules will be broken and ignored, champions will be crowned and champions will be dethroned, arrangers will rise and arrangers will ebb, Dr. Roy Cape is irreplaceable. Let us show love, and honor our heroes while they can appreciate it, and may we remember Roy Cape in our prayers tonight, and pray for his full and speedy recovery.


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