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Newsday September 27th, 2018

This is the CANDIDATE with the BEST RESUME!!!

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I am hoping that MR. KERON VALENTINE releases his MANIFESTO FOR PAN (2018-2021) on THIS FORUM!!!

Best of luck Keron.

Cecil: Yuh CANDIDATE give up TWO JOBS just to become PRESIDENT OF PAN TRINBAGO, boy!!!


They were just positions he held.

This campaign for President looks like big money business, what's next POSTERS with his image?

If this IMAGE is all about being elected, what will happen when he get his hands on Pan Trinbago funds?

Radio ads, lawyers fees, consultants to write manifesto, promissory notes IOU's at tax-payers expense?

Who are his team members?

Meh late grand-mother used to say...DOG doh make CAT.

"Valentine feels it is time he gives back to the organization which is responsible for his tertiary education in an effort to move Pan Trinbago into the future."


And it don't matter how much THE CANDIDATES spend on THE CAMPAIGN -- they could MAKE IT BACK once they GET IN OFFICE!!!

Degrees from Harvard and Yale could help, but that's NOT what I'm looking for.

With such impressive skill-sets, we can EXPECT a PLAN to complete the headquarters and a strategic plan for PAN.

What are his thoughts on the PANYARD REGULARIZATION PROJECT?

The matter for consideration of Cabinet is the Regularization of Land Tenure of Panyards.


Should I take your word for it or are you going to let me see the resume or cv?

Keron Valentine is  not  qualified to lead Pan in Trinidad and Tobago.

One of the things that made Phase II and by extension Boogsie great was their fight to never being tied to a sponsor. This was the hallmark of Phase II. 

When the HADCO group became involved with Phase II, Boogsie let it be known publicly it was an association. A mutually beneficial relationship. Phase II was Phase II. And so it was promoted. No outside entity controlled the Phase II enterprise.

Unfortunately, one of the first things Keron Valentine did as manager of Phase II was to make HADCO the official sponsor of the band.

Why did he Keron do this?  Did HADCO ask for or demand this? NO. Did HADCO hand Phase II and extra 240 million US for the linkage? No. He sold Phase II out for personal gain. He was investing in his future not Phase II. He took advantage of a momentarily tired, weaken and distracted  Boogsie Sharpe. HE SOLD OUT the band.

The world is run by businesses and organizations that fund and sponsor other entities - the world is not run by organizations that are always seeking sponsors and become nothing more than professional beggars. 

Only two steelbands in recent times have resisted the"sponsor" model - Exodus and Phase II. Exodus gave in a few years ago and now the last hold-out Phase II succumb to this trickery.

Ask Trinidad All Stars about brand independence. They have struggled mightily even after all these years to shed the Catelli tag from their brand.  At least they understand the issue and are trying to be independant.

Based on his Phase II management year Keron Valentine will sellout pan in Trinidad and Tobago. Independence is not in his DNA. 


See it this way folks. He has too many credits and may even be over qualified for the job. Previously the people that governed PT were under qualified to run PT with the following line "The World Governing Body of Pan."  He will have the hardest challenge of his career. I hope he knows this. He can easily get a job at big companies both inside and outside of T&T with the qualifications he has attained.  Now PT needs such qualified men to take PT truly international. If PT members decide on giving him the benefit of the doubt, there will be many highly intelligent persons sending in their ideas including me as the way to go for pan to become truly an international instrument and a multi billion corporation for pan international. If not PT would have never been given a chance. This is the type of person who can and will attract both local and international investors. Investors means here, not just money but intelligent ideas. PT must be run by both business and academic oriented persons in order for it to truly deserve the name "The World Governing Body of Pan" Count me in. It is just left up to the actual intelligence of the individual. Academics is one thing actual wisdom and intelligence is another. Whether the young gentleman has that second and more vital qualification is left to be seen. 

Wisdom, intelligence, education and whatever, but NOBODY talks of honesty and integrity. I just find it strange, maybe because it hardly exists in any segment of the T&T society.


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