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Newsday September 27th, 2018

This is the CANDIDATE with the BEST RESUME!!!

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I promise you -- MR. MERCER -- that as the ELECTION DAY gets closer, I will be addressing the issues of HONESTY and INTEGRITY.

However, I am assuming that you were born and grew up in TRINIDAD and TOBAGO, in which case you should know that HONESTY is a scarce resource when TRINIS are put in charge of MONEY (if ah give you the latest example yuh bound to hold yuh head and bawl) -- and for INTEGRITY ... who needs that.

Yuh cyar buy no RUM and ROTI with INTEGRITY!!!

But I do promise that I will return to the subject two weeks before the election!!!

When I left Trinidad, Honesty was not as scarce as it is now.

'honesty and integrity'.

qualities that are hard to find among our candidates.

it is not a PT thing, it is TT thing.

a lot on members would get fool by smooth talkers once more.

Who's running his campaign Cambridge Analytica?

Selling an image, next thing yuh know people buying Cap and Tee shirts to promote his campaign.

Man look like he is Pan Faddah, his sense of ENTITLEMENT.

Respect yuh ELDERS...people still think pan players DOTISH.

Where is OWEN SERRETTE when yuh need him...

As pres­i­dent of Pan Trin­ba­go, in or­der to in­ter­na­tion­alise the or­gan­i­sa­tion, Ser­rette es­tab­lished Pan Trin­ba­go chap­ters in Cana­da, New York and Ari­zona, and formed al­liances with Caribbean steel­band or­gan­i­sa­tions.

Cul­tur­al ex­change pro­grammes were al­so es­tab­lished, with last­ing re­la­tion­ships, where­by lo­cal mu­si­cians, tuners and arrangers se­cured per­for­mances and work abroad.

An amaz­ing caveat of Ser­rette's stint as pres­i­dent is that he served strict­ly in a vol­un­tary ca­pac­i­ty. "At no time dur­ing the years I spent as pres­i­dent of Pan Trin­ba­go did I re­ceive a salary," he re­vealed.

Johnny King Pan Man Overs dat

Ken 'Professor' Philmore - Pan Man Overs Dat

I was told that since this picture went up on THIS FORUM, three bands from TOBAGO have switched from BEVERLEY TO KERON VALENTINE. And quite a few bands from the EAST are leaning away from their original choice and starting to move in the direction of KERON VALENTINE. They are mostly waiting to see the rest of his SLATE before they JUMP ON THE KERON BOAT!!!

All the best!


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