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PUT COUNTRY FIRST - I LIME in All Stars Panyard last Saturday where a Steelband CD was launch several bands perform.

Today is the first day after the SoE it is a beautiful morning maybe rain later today after 4 weeks visiting I traveled to Moruga - Icacos - Chaguanas - Mayaro - Toco - Tobago from the people's pulse they are saying "PUT COUNTRY FIRST" but the opposition and the media want only LACOUREY from August 21st 2011 to December 5th 20011 was the most peace time in TRINIDAD & TOBAGO for the last 9 years. We the people have to embrace the positive change....Thank You Madam PM

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All that chat and no information about th pan CD.What's up with that?


I AM A RETIREE enjoying life. If by now anybody in the steelband business who cannot market their product in this free social media world, they are in the wrong business.


I am not a business man - I give no referral.....

OK, Terry. I get your point.

Like WST is ah "OLE BOYS CLUB" or what. LMAO!

Cecil Hinkson, yuh better bite yuh tongue wen talkin bout we ole people on WST, and show respect:)

Seriously though, I have noticed that a substantial percentage of the participants in this forum are from my age group.

This is indeed fortunate, since many of these older WST members were around almost from the beginning of the artform, and have incredible insight into pan history.

This also tells us that pan elders do not fit the usual profile of older folk, who are supposed to be intimidated by computers.

Glen, I'm ah young 63 and I won't shut-up, yuh know I think there is something about being ah teenager in the 60ies, we experience one of the richest decades in terms of everything that happen, so its ah good thing to let our voices be heard. When you have children around you cannot escape going on the computer. 

It is definitely a good thing that we have access to the wealth of firsthand knowledge that is on here from all the different generations..and it helps in clearing up alot of the misinformation that has been out there, I'm glad to be able to hear the stories from the "OLE BOYS CLUB"!!...

Ramdoo do you know one of yuh family was among the first none Indian to beat the tassa on the road in St James.


I know my family is still beating tassa and I'm guessing you mean my uncle Leslie. I grew up in the US so I never got that exposure, but I've been on the pan scene since small playing and arranging..."music in the blood"! My dad, Patrick, says he knows you. He recently moved back to trini and resides in the  house on Lazare...


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