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Can anyone name of the Steel Pan Soloist and the Tune that was played when Radio Trinidad came On-Air? Very early in the morning back in the days 1950's-60's. Do you remember?

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Hameed, I've been trying to dig up that info for years...  I was informed by some that the song was Goodnight by Pat Castagne, but I'm not sure that's the one...  That was the first tune I learned to play on pan...


I remember Radio Trinidad starting the morning with 'Yellow Bird'. A ping-pong solo by Patsy Hayes. I cannot remember if it was the 50's or later.
Thanks Ron and Andre, however, I know the melody of the Tune which was played on Radio Trinidad, its not the traditional Yellow Bird song which we also know very well. As Andre.Roger said lots of us learn to play that solo. I did on the Invaders style Tenor pan back in the the 60's. Radio Trinidad should have an archive with this remarkable Steel Pan Solo . That song was the first thing on the radio and for some reason, our radio seem to be always on that early in the morning. I think was because of the BBC news to which my aunt devotedly listen. lol
you are right Hameed. I learnt that song on the Invaders style tenor,by leaving the radio on after it signed off and it woke me up at 5am, with pan by the radio and picking parts each morning until it was learnt and played along with it. I can still remember the tune and on the 4th's and 5th's pan and can play it if i spend a few minutes. I once knew the name of the tune and the player as my sister worked as a radio announcer with Radio Trinidad in the 60's and got the info from Bob Gittens. I will contact her in USA to see if she remembers.

THANK YOU, You certainly remember this masterpiece

It would be nice if Mr. Gerard Clarke could make a recording of this Tune and post it on WST . It's all part of our History . Thanks .
When Steel Talks maybe can ask Radio Trinidad for info, as a media documenting the Steelpan Community. This Steelpan Solo was apart of their format certainly before the national anthem era. Radio Trinidad still may have an archive at the AM station.
I myself cannot remember the pan solo, but I do remember Radio T'dad use to play 'Meditation" from thais, that was not a pan solo but I can't help mentioning that, it was so beautiful, wish you all luck on your research
Let me give it one more try. I think it was 'HI NEIGHBOR' by Pat Castagne.

the name or composer listed is not ringing a bell. I attempted the tune and did pretty ok,a few mistakes after all these years and a different pan.I do recall the key was D and the low B note was used on the Invaders type pan .I must really do some searching down here to see what I come up with. Radio Trinidad is out of existence years now but there are a few old pan men around who may know.



I played the tune over the speaker phone for my sister and she even sang along to the end, however could not say the name, composer and player. She referred me to a former Radio Trinidad person, who also sang the tune when I started and said that the soloist came from Woodbrook, but who she cannot say the name. She referred me to someone at radio Trinidad ( the librarian) who was there during that time. I will go down there this week and check. I like this topic.Someone even said Prospect as composer, but I know it was not Yellow Bird.

It was the year 1943 when a young Trinidadian named Ellie Mannette hammered down a barrel top and produced a concave shaped steel pan with some ten or so notes on it. Radio Trinidad heard of Ellie's accomplishment and invited him to perform on the air. The tune he played was Brahms Lullaby.

That was the moment, that was the beginning of the movement. Ellie has been celibrated as its father.

There are archival pictures of Elie and a few of his friends hard at work in the early 1940s.  I have one such.

As far as Radio Trinidad's early morning signing on in the 50s, others will establish what the tune was. Perhaps Radio Trinidad has kept a log of this kind of info.  It's probably worthwhile to check with them.

Best wishes,

Jimmy Leyden






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