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I don't understand this PANORAMA OBSESSION when there is so much more that could be done with THE PAN all year round in Antigua and Grenada and New York and Trinidad and Tobago.

PAN IN NEW YORK spawn PAN ALL OVER AMERICA and the rest of the world. And PAN in NEW YORK will be there BIGGER AND BRIGHTER 20 years from now when all ah we posters too old to type or dead.

PAN eh never going to die in Antigua nor Grenada nor New York nor Trinidad and Tobago. And especially NOT LONDON.

So doh let ah little bit of rain bring tears to allyuh eyes and break allyuh PANORAMA HEARTS ... PANORAMA 2018 NEW YORK will be here again before you know it ... AND IT WILL BE GREAT!!!!

Any GOOD CALYPSO release yet for PANORAMA 2018 T&T???

(And now we making HEADLINES in the New York Post for J'Ouvert Violence!!!)

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Well said Claude, they not looking at the bigger picture.

Claude, WIADCA is the original evil empire. That wasn't rain that was falling. It was piss.  Right after Rolly Polly checks into jail, a bunch of WIADCA officials will be checking in right next to him.


Rainorama cyar stop Panorama tru dat, but methinks the pan-peeps just tired of the corruption which infects many of the organizations involved with pan/carnival and dilutes the events for many.

It's a conondrum, Andre!!! We blame the organizations involved for incompetence and corruption -- yet it is those very same organizations that brought it to where it is today!!!

Go Figure!!!

Maybe the days of commesse and bobbol are numbered, so time to try something new, doh ask answers... ;-)

No one that I know of want to "Kill WIADCA" actually i taught they were trying to make the best of a bad situation. I only faulted them on one thing -they should of have a plan ready to execute when situation such as this present itself and it would have been nice if one of the officials made an announcement it was cancelled. Maybe they did i did not hear it. 

I also think that what they doing is a great model for others to follow, places like Boston should take a look at New York panorama and get a similar type Panorama in Boston and them bands could travel across country in the carnivals and really make some money and fame... Congratulations WIADCA! #bostoncarnivalvillage  

That's why organizations who plan these events call it a "rain date", ent...  ;-)

Mr. Smith - Since the death of Panorama in Boston, Pan in Boston on the whole is almost none existent which is very sad.  The ability to play in a Panorama Competition gives young people a goal, just ask those Boston players who play with New York bands.  I would hope if Panorama was ever to return to Boston that a lesson would be learned from Panorama Organization and the treatment of NY Steel Pan Fraternities.  By the way - No Panorama in Boston was not a decision that was made by the Boston Pan Fraternities the decision was made by the Carnival Committee..... I'm sure WIADCA made sure that today was going to be bright and sunny for Carnival, since Hurricane Harvey has been in the news for the past week and there are numerous weather channels that give you 7 - 10 day forecasts, how come alternative arrangements were not made to avoid what happened on Saturday, I feel for the Bands that went to considerable cost to make back on Sunday, also take into consideration there were bands from out of state. Is this a lesson learned or does WIADCA just not care about the Steel Pan side of the Carnival?

WIADCA just does not care about the Steel Pan side of the carnival. Could somebody tell me who cares about the steel pan?


And it have insurance for that! Hope they utilized it. In the event of rain, that is. 

Steelbands get the shitty end of the stick with WIADCA always. [my opinion]


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