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Ready for Panorama 2019 - What the bands are saying...

Phase II Pan Groove

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Ting start boi..

All the best for '19 Ces.

When the time arrives for you to call on those to forecast the Panorama's out come just ask for 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th places ok? :)

Even if Despers, All Stars and Invaders play Hookin' Meh - Renegades and Supernovas are playing this  fantastic tune - Duvone vs Amrit!  

I am a Renegade.........but Supernovas performance of "Breakthrough" comes to mind...........

AL, how yuh treating Boogsie so, yuh leave out meh pardner like if he nul and void, I'm lookin for him to be more competitive in 19. It looks like the dog fight will be more fierce this year.................Happy New Year.

LOL......I eh leave him out.....6 more places to fill....:]

Attn A.L. Nunes:

I am certainly enamoured to see you and Cess back at it, ... for yet another year.
The jovial banter between you two is a refreshing and welcome respite from the previous palaverous disquisitions (especially about the pan organization) that have unfortunately been the cynosure of the forum.

[The above is for meh true and tested padnah out in California. Yuh know if it weren't for him, 10/12 months of the year, the forum go be dead.] :-)

When Mrs BRM made her heartfelt but adamant plea that, the pan fraternity had to "give up something" because of limited 'funds', I immediately thought that the executives of the pan organization would be performing without a full salary. Little did I know that the plea was directed to pan men/women, suggesting that they perform, without remuneration, simply for the love of pan.

A giant of the forum, none other than MTripleTB, posted sarcastically, rhetorically and profoundly: "Give up something? Well, we could always give up Panorama for the next two years."

We should indeed be thankful and grateful that there are pan men and pan women in this land who really love pan.

So, Mr ALN and Mr Hinkson, and especially for meh California padnah, what I have just said, albeit periphrastically, is "Ah real glad Panorama 2019 is on."  :-)

Ah eh have a crystal ball but leh meh first look to the Stars and ah go geh back to you on dis year's winner.  OK?    Heh Heh Heh.....


ALN, that Renegades' arrangement of "The Year For Love" was so superb ah still have some love left over from last year.  Special regards and best wishes to Mr Duvone Stuart, arranger par excellence.

Doctor deLight: What a delight to read from you again and assume that you are in GOOD HEALTH. I was worried about you.

But why do you choose to send me back to the dictionary in the middle of the Yankee Playoff Football Game?

Welcome back!!! It's going to be a long road to the PANORAMA!!!

I'm in agreement with most of what you said, albeit "periphrastically" so at times.

I'm also glad that Panorama 2019 is on. I hope it does not end up being a competition for sponsored bands only.

I'll extend your salutations to Duvone STEWART as requested.


You state you are in agreement with MOST of what I said?

Not to be "cirumlocutionary", with what, then, do you disagree?

I apologize again for misspelling Duvone's surname.  I recall making a similar faux pas last year, including an additional "n" in his first name.  Like the Renegade you are, you brought it to my attention.  Appreciated.

Tell you what!  Should Renegades repeat with another superb winning arrangement this Panorama I promise never, ever to misspell that musical genius' name.  Howz dat?

Peter, it is always ah de light hearing from you.

Likewise, Cess. The feeling is absolutely mutual.
As yuh said, 'Ting now start, boie".
I read, sometime back, where your padnah dun win Panorama 2019 cuz he playing de professor old tune.

Recall, I implore, the debacle wid "Woman On De Bass".
Or rite den.

And everybody fuhget 'bout money. Dais how it does play. A political strategy that has worked successfully in Lavanty, deego, moevah....yuh know the drill. Ten shun!!!!!

Claude, you mean you really find dem words in the dictionary?
Brenda H.


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