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The New Visionaries was formed to oppose the executive of Pan Trinbago for leadership of the organzation.They were made to go through legal battles which depleted their funds and tied them up in the courts for years thus allowing PT to rule beyond their mandate.

I am of the opinion this also broke the spirit of the New Visionaries, now pan people is left with the uncertainty as to who will  oppose the executive of PT?

In this fiasco the playing field was not level, the cards was stacked against the New Visionaries because the had to raise funds with included their own to pay legal expenses while on the other hand Pan Trinbago executives used PT funds for their legal expenses which I think should be illegal.

I am now asking the powers that be to have Pan Trinbago reimburse  the New Visionaries all legal expenses, this way no other executive will think about using this strategy in the future.

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Cecil, the day will never come for you to see Pan trinbago Reimburse anyone for Fighting against them, that day will come when you see "Donkey opening Stand Pipe", lol 

Bede I hear what you are saying but inside all this commess the NV got set-up, their objective was to contest the election and they did not get that opportunity, they were forced into a legal system that depleted their resources.

The powers that be who ever they are should see that the NV get reimbursed. This is should have been part of the judgement the courts handed down.

The silliness started when Pan Trinbago was allowed to criticize the opposition candidates. Where in this world can a party choose the opposition candidates?

Love it Cecil!! Where in d world does a Party get to choose its Opposition? Answer: In Trinidad. Yuh see we so smart in Trinidad and Tobago we really loaded with 2*2.

Aye Bede, ah know yuh old , but where yuh get that one from? "Donkey opening standpipe "? never heard that one before !

The "New Visionaries" is silent on the 2015 panorama pay issue, so before PT reimburses(?) them, pan players must be paid their monies for 2015 first.

PT reimburse NV????yuh mad or what?

Seriously we need to hear from the New Visionaries. Maybe you just woke 'em up.

Ah few years and a lot of $$$$$$$$$$$$ after we watching at how PT send the legal system of T&T on a "wild goose chase" their intention from the beginning was to brake the opposition and prolong their stay in office.

patrick, have you ever taught of how do the NV operate, where do they get funds? I can certainly understand if they don't give a shit anymore. at least they tried and should be respected for that.

They tried but was not given a chance.

Patrick,What an attitude man!

The Legal system fail pan people by allowing the matter to go on for so long, every judge/lawyer knew Pan Trinbago was stonewalling and help them, in the process they killed the momentum the New Visionaries had.

In the Mecca pan people are still treated like second class, if only the big bands sponsors could meet for one hour a month to talk about moving forward they could make progress.

The lawyers an dem getting fat boy!

Anthony, you are correct, they are the only that profit from this.


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