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The New Visionaries was formed to oppose the executive of Pan Trinbago for leadership of the organzation.They were made to go through legal battles which depleted their funds and tied them up in the courts for years thus allowing PT to rule beyond their mandate.

I am of the opinion this also broke the spirit of the New Visionaries, now pan people is left with the uncertainty as to who will  oppose the executive of PT?

In this fiasco the playing field was not level, the cards was stacked against the New Visionaries because the had to raise funds with included their own to pay legal expenses while on the other hand Pan Trinbago executives used PT funds for their legal expenses which I think should be illegal.

I am now asking the powers that be to have Pan Trinbago reimburse  the New Visionaries all legal expenses, this way no other executive will think about using this strategy in the future.

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OK patrick, you heard from the New Visionaries.

My apologizes to anyone that think I'm beating a dead horse here, It's just that certain things don't sit too well with me and I am venting.

The New Visionaries should have never had to go to court to defend their candidates, they never murder anyone or rob anyone, as a matter of fact some of them were even employed with Pan Trinbago. Going to court was PT plan to hold on to power and they are still doing it, only because they have deep pockets and can afford a top notch Law firm paying with PT funds. This is a classic example of doing whatever it takes to remain in power.

PT used Human Psychology (or Trini Smartness)  the scientific study of all forms of human and animal behaviour, sometimes concerned with the methods through which behaviour can be modified. .Delay, Delay, and all will be Forgotten, it's very Sad tho',


No need to apologize, you’ve said it before, after carnival “pan dead”, New Visionaries said it in their interview, pan people only get involve around panorama time. You can’t teach people “how to think”.

Only in T&T you’ll find a Government that will hire a law firm to do investigative work, to verify an email address and the law firm instructs another government body to cease its own investigation because they found the email was fake and people buy it. When everyone who works in the IT industry will tell you if you want to find the origin of an email you just check the IP address.

Who profits from this exercise? I see lawyers like I see car salesmen they are in this business to make money. I will negotiate what’s in my best interest, and I’m paying you for legal guidance and representation that’s the bottom line.

Until pan people decide, to educate themselves and understand the games that’s being played on them, they will never be able to enjoy the benefits of the billions they can made from proper administration, marketing and revenue building form this music industry.

odw, who could stop the combination of Lawyer and Crook?  unfortunately these are the ones that's calling the shots in La La Land where all people want to do is drink ah punchon and take ah wine, maybe this is why they were voted Most Happy People in the Caribbean.

Odw,I think you very misinformed to say a law firm instructed a GROTT body to stop their investigation.A private body cannot instruct a GROTT body into action or inaction.and what you stated,never happened.
As Trinbagonians we have to be careful that in our zeal to accuse others of misinformation,misdeeds and other undesirable acts,we paint pictures of TT,that are not real.

I thought it strange too , ODW ( though I'm not totally up to date on "Trini bacchanal" ) .

You need computer forensic scientists and technicians to get at the bottom of computer based shenanigans , not lawyers.

Glenroy,as you would know,Google resist any attempts to provide information,so the TTIC had to take Google to court in Carlifornia,the TT PM was adjoined in the matter.Google responded to a US Gov't  court decision and provided the relevant information.

So computer experts and techs (from Google,no less) were involved in providing the info,through the US court system. 


I was not stating my insight,which I am entitled to on any matter....what I am not entitled to,are my own facts.

"Dr Rowley originally presented email correspondence between the PM and the former AG in 2013 which described a conspiracy to tap the phone of the Director of Public Prosecutions Roger Gaspard and remove him from office, as well as silence an investigation by a Trinidad Guardian reporter on the Section 34 news story."

How can any credible writer state, "Dr Rowley presented email correspondence" when the email provider state that no such emails exist.



I said thanks for the insight, the info you provided was very insightful to me.

The issue was about hiring a law firm to determine what a data security analyst could have easily found. What was the cost of that whole exercise? I'm not buying it.   


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