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The New Visionaries was formed to oppose the executive of Pan Trinbago for leadership of the organzation.They were made to go through legal battles which depleted their funds and tied them up in the courts for years thus allowing PT to rule beyond their mandate.

I am of the opinion this also broke the spirit of the New Visionaries, now pan people is left with the uncertainty as to who will  oppose the executive of PT?

In this fiasco the playing field was not level, the cards was stacked against the New Visionaries because the had to raise funds with included their own to pay legal expenses while on the other hand Pan Trinbago executives used PT funds for their legal expenses which I think should be illegal.

I am now asking the powers that be to have Pan Trinbago reimburse  the New Visionaries all legal expenses, this way no other executive will think about using this strategy in the future.

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odw,Google had to provide the information.....as you would know the US gov't had (and would continue to do so,whenever they want email info)to take Google to court to get email information.....the GROTT had to do the same.Hope this explanation helps.

NB: A couple local experts said what Google said,but some folks didn't accept their determinations.


Cecil: The horse died when Diaz took control of Pan Trinbago in 2009 but only a few people knew that at the time. In 2012, when Beverly and the NEW VISIONARIES made their move to unseat Diaz, everyone on this forum SHOULD HAVE KNOWN then that the horse was dead. This is 2015 (TWENTY FIFTEEN) and you still have your whip out beating this SKELETON -- it eh even ah dead horse no more.

I am very surprised (and a little disappointed) that so many forum posters who live in Trinidad, and are a part of the PAN FRATERNITY, are so poorly informed about the current PAN TRINBAGO machinations.

I wish that you all would stop beating up on Patrick Ramdoo. He has always had an independent perspective which I enjoy.

Claude Boi, wey yuh come from, I just knew we would smoke you out with these topics, yuh cyah resist the opportunity to rub it in we face that you said dey cyah move Diaz, he time coming, stay in touch.

Attitude? Please qualify. The "New Visionaries" is seeking to rep the pan fraternity, yes? Well we have issues that they can address by simply pounding the computer keys. Reality sometimes comes across as painful, very painful, but it is what it is. In today's world nobody gets a free pass. We knock Pan Trinbago for their poor performance and rightfully so, but he who seeks to take their place must REPRESENT.

Patrick, How can the "New Visionaries" Represent anyone, they have to get into a Position first, PT are the ones that supposed to be representing the Pan men but they are not, that is why the New Visionaries are trying to get that Position .but  Regardless who ever get Elected (if there is an Election) I just hope they don't follow Patrick Arnold and Keith Diaz, from the Pot to the Fire, (allyuh ask Boogsie nah?)  (just saying)

I simply do not agree that they(NV) have to "get into a Position first", The same way we are all here trying to knock some sense into PT, I think the NV can do the same i.e pound the keys i/f/o the pan man.

patrick, the New Visionaries WAS seeking to rep. the pan fraternity, we don't know if they still are. If you were to ask me, I will have to say it don't look like they are, but this is just me.

What we have to be aware of here is Pan Trinbago has set a president in that anyone who goes up against them they could find something to take them to court and buy a few years, they don't have to raise funds like their opponents to pay lawyers, they just use the money that belongs to the organization.

We have to also look at if these people has the interest of Pan and it's people at heart or are they fighting to protect their jobs, where they are not subject to any wage scale, they are their own bosses, this is a recipe for disaster.

Cecil,it was members of NV who took PT to court because they believed they were being treated unfairly.The court determined that they (NV members) were treated unfairly,except (I think) for one of the litigants.

oswald, my point is PT should never have ah say in who the opposition chooses as candidates.

Cecil I can only respond to what you write.

And CH; I do believe that there isn't, goin to be an ELECTION come October, the regime is not goin to call one, to get the regime out, the Act No 5 of 1986 has to be repealed, eradicated, exterminated or ANNULLED...


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