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REMEMBERING ASAMI -- High Commission of Canada to Trinidad and Tobago


STATEMENT by several Heads of Mission and representatives from International Organizations located in Trinidad and Tobago:

We wish to first and foremost extend our condolences to the family and many friends of Asami, and to express our grief at the loss of such a vibrant young woman who had so much to look forward to. We also wish to express our solidarity to all those who are struggling to cope with this very tragic loss.

Asami’s multicultural commitment is an example for societies that celebrate diversity and embrace the idea that society is stronger and more harmonious in spite of differences.


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While this very touching it is a sad commentary on the state of crime in Trinidad and and Tobago this picture will be sent to their respective foreign ministries and in turn there will be further advisories may be it is time Trinidad wake up and realize their bubble will burst one day.
It is indeed a sad state of affairs for us as Trinidadians who are watching the decline of our beloved country. My concern is " Who is looking for the killer of this young lady??" I keep saying Trinidad needs a fingerprint bank which will store fingerprints of all felons, Im sure there were fingerprints all over this young lady's body, can we trace these prints? The criminal justice system needs to be overhauled and stronger measures implemented. SOMEONE NEEDS TO BE HELD FOR THIS AND ALL THE OTHER MURDERS TAKING PLACE!!!!

I do agree with you Emerald,someone needs to be held accountable for this,at the same time,this should serve as a chilling reminder  of the depth to which this country has sunk. We can only hope  that one day, that recognition will come.

In addition to a fingerprint bank,  a DNA bank would be far more effective.

For many reasons I find myself relating to this horrific murder more than I have in similar past situations.
I cannot envision too many positive scenarios to emerge from this despicable act for any of the involved parties and countries.
My only hope is that the law enforcement of T & T has collected reliable evidence including sperm samples, hair samples, fingerprints from imprints on the neck or otherwise, video, tire tracks etc. It is my expectation that our authorities will share this evidence with international data bases as well as local data bases. In this way, my hope for at least one best case scenario can emerge for all of us.

Clyde and Valerie: You have to look a little deeper and realize that it is political suicide for certain politicians in Trinidad to reduce  the crime rate. So all these remedies you are suggesting will never be implemented in our lifetime.

Crime is a world wide phenomenon.

It certainly is but crime in Trinidad,a country so small and so prosperous....that is a copout...

Fourteen thousand illegal high tech weapons were smuggled through the porous ports off T&T, in addition to the thousand that are already in the criminals hands . One off the best crime fighter besides Randolph Burrows is gone( forced on pre retirement leave) . There are too many bad apples in the TTPF . The lawlessniss will continue . Despers going back to the hill for 2017. Their support during practice will be scarce . No outsiders in their right mind going to up them Laventille hill to get shit listening to pan.
Shot not shit
The crime fighter that I forgot to mention is Johnny Abrahams.

I hear you man,it is a sad situation all around. It is no wonder we have unfortunate scenarios like Asami....and sooo many others who have  shared  the same fate.


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