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REMEMBERING ASAMI -- High Commission of Canada to Trinidad and Tobago


STATEMENT by several Heads of Mission and representatives from International Organizations located in Trinidad and Tobago:

We wish to first and foremost extend our condolences to the family and many friends of Asami, and to express our grief at the loss of such a vibrant young woman who had so much to look forward to. We also wish to express our solidarity to all those who are struggling to cope with this very tragic loss.

Asami’s multicultural commitment is an example for societies that celebrate diversity and embrace the idea that society is stronger and more harmonious in spite of differences.


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To understand the CRIME CRISIS in Trinidad and Tobago, one must first buy the premise that CRIME IS A POLITICAL WEAPON in Trinidad and Tobago.

You know,you are not the first person I have heard use that expression to describe the situation in Trinidad....am not sure exactly what that means.

send me an email at realtyeyes@hotmail.com and I will share my political insights with you!

Wake up AS. You should know what that means Who is runing the Country, who owns the TTGOV. See who owns the big buildings that the TTGOV pays rent to while our own national building fall into disrepair. There is still a new empty building on Tragarete rd being paid for over ceveral years now and it was not the PP TTGove who planned or began paying. Time for the populacr to wake up like you and smell the coffee. Who owns the coastline, the island homes, the big boats, own private planes, hire pilots, do massive catering for ministries, so they are on first names socially, who takes them on cruises, offers gifts, gets the huge construction jobs, running quarries even without full EIAs, who transports the criminals and knows where they are being transported to and when, the security companies - who owns them?????

 TT is a small place and everyonme has a cousin or related somewhere by intermarriage.  This is the first time that someone so small and previously very low key in the public eye has affected so many around the country and the world. It would be womderful if this angel will be the small flame for a rebirth of honesty, love and sharing on our beloved country.

This is for Clyde Mathura.   Expressing your concern on the death od Asami is a good thing.  C.A.

Sad and touching! It is a pity that law enforcement does not work efficiently and effectively in this small geographic area we live in. How can there be so many killers on the loose? Something seems to be wrong with work ethics of our beloved country and/or its justice base. We recognize that crime is global but as ordinary citizens here we do not enjoy the same sense of comfort which people in cities of 1-2m derive because of  proper crime detection and solution strategies employed.

Ayesha: I always look forward to your posts and I enjoy reading them.


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