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Remembering Some of Those In Pan We've Lost in 2020 - Updated

In Memoriam - 2020

    •  Neville Jules The legendary Mr. Jules has passed on February 18, 2020. He was an innovator, leader, musician, intellect and - a gentleman.,  see more
    •  Mr. Eustace 'Manning' Henry passed on March  3, 2020. Mr Eustace 'Manning' Henry. Mr. Henry was a master Steelpan Builder, Tuner, Blender, Soloist and Arranger. The name "Hells Gate Steel Orchestra" was submitted by Mr. Henry when the band was deciding upon a name to enter the first ever Panorama competition here in Antigua in 1949. He captained the band from 1958 - 1977.  see more

Trinidad & Tobago, W.I. - Michael Joseph, or “Scobie” as he is popularly called was the leader of the Southern Marines Steelband Foundation, one of the oldest bands in Trinidad. He was a former Central Executive member and Chairman of the South Central Region of Pan Trinbago..  see more

    •  Hanny Noted ironman and Panist Hansel “Hanny” Leon passed on March 25, 2020.  see more

    •  Martin Douglas Martin  Douglas passed on March  31, 2020. He was the president of New York's CrossFire Steel Orchestra. In addition he was chairman of the United States Steelband Association. see more

    •  Oscar Williams Oscar Williams, passed away Thursday April 9, 2020, - Oscar and his brother Tony, founded Belmont Hi Larks Steel Orchestra in Trinidad. see more

    •  Frank Rollock, passed away Monday April 20, 2020, - 1939 - 2020  see more

    •  Dr. Anthony Achong Dr. Anthony Achong, passed away Thursday June 29, 2020,    Dr. Achong was an academic who devoted much of his research to steelpan technology. see more

    • David “Peck” Edwards Grenada legend Mr. David “Peck” Edwards  passed away on Tuesday July 19, 2020  see more

    •  Nervin "Teach" Saunders  Trinidad & Tobago - The late great Mr. Nervin "Teach" Saunders   passed away on Saturday August 1, 2020 - (1/27/37- 8/1/20). see more

    •  Denzil "Dimes" Fernandez  Award winning steelpan innovator Mr. Denzil “Dimes” Fernandez  passed away on Tuesday August 8, 2020 - (5/24/44 - 8/8/20). see more

    •     Former Chairman of the Northern Region of Pan Trinbago  Mr. Trevor Cooper  passed away on Sunday August 16, 2020 -  see more

    •   Panist, arranger and manager Mr. Andre Boldan (Sunrise: 12th July 1960)  passed away on August 30th, 2020 -  see more
    •  Dr. Jan Bach of Northern Illinois University (NIU)  Award winning steelpan innovator Dr. Jan Bach  passed away on Friday October 30, 2020 - (12/11/1937-10/30/2020). The first concerto ever written for steelpan and orchestra was written by Dr. Jan Bach.  see more

    •    Award winning steelpan innovator and inventor Jomo Wahtuse  passed away on Sunday November 29, 2020 - (2/28/1935-11/29/2020).  see more

    •    Elite tuner and panist Clifford "Rope" Alfred  passed away on Wednesday December 2, 2020 - (11/4/1946 -12/2/2020) .  see more

    •    Karen Codrington matriarch of the Codrington Pan Family passed on Tuesday  December 15, 2020 - (1970 -12/15/2020) .  see more

    •    Milton "Wire" Austin - panist, manager and founding member of Fonclare Steel Orchestra. passed away on Sunday December 20, 2020 - (--/--/---- -12/20/2020).  see more

    •    Cyril Darceuil - iconic panist and member of Casablanca Steel Orchestra passed away on Friday December 25, 2020 - (--/--/1928 -12/25/2020).  see more

Please add others that you are aware of...

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Didn’t Michael “Scobie” Joseph, leader of Southern Marines pass this year? Research ppl.

You are correct...

Passing of a pan legend: Michael ‘Scobie’ Joseph
Yvonne Webb Tuesday 31 March 2020


Please include 'Professor' Ken FILMORE"

Professor passed in 2018.

The Mighty Sparrow - Memories - Spektakula Forum - VA (1992)

Desperadoes Youth Steel Orchestra - Memories - The Mighty Sparrow

Our Youth Orchestra pays tribute to Mr. Dennis 'Tash' Ash, a foundation member of the Desperadoes Steel Orchestra. They performed Sparrow's memories arranged by Mr. Roseford Coutain.

Those were great, great men and women and those I knew personally, such as Cliff Alfred and Wire Austin, who I worked with on several projects, were admirable in every way. Their loss is that of the steelband movement but I also feel it very personally, for they enriched my life.


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