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Renegades files an injunction against Pantrinbago

BP Renegades files an injunction against Pantrinbago

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

By Jamaal Greenidge

...reigning champions Silver Stars and Phase Two Pan Groove were the leaders.

BP Renegades says the noise from the north stand during the panorama semi-finals affected its performance. The band has now filed an injunction against Pantrinbago, saying it failed to ensure conditions were right and fair for the competition last Sunday.

Pantrinbago says it has received the legal document and has passed it on to its lawyers. According to the band’s President, the DJ music played at the venue caused disorientation and band members were at a loss. BP Renegades failed to make it into the finals. National Carnival Commission Chairman Kenny De Silva yesterday Pantrinbago was responsible for that aspect of the event.

While BP Renegades did not make it to the finals, reigning champions Silver Stars and Phase Two Pan Groove were the leaders.

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It was a member of pantrinbo that had the dj out there.....if u didn't know......
No no no Mr. Diaz, take the Gypsy and you Photo with you


"It was a member of pantrinbo that had the dj out there"


this is what makes me SICK.


It's not bad enough that brass & DJ have pushed pan right off the road? and now come in the J'ouvert & drown out the steelbands?  that's not bad ENOUGH?  now DJ must come into the pan event itself


and what? is Pantrinbago self??  thats encouraging DJ to spoil the pan inside its' OWN EVENT??  the only event LEFT that's to showcase pan, and pan ONLY?





I cannot understand why people are saying that Renegades are sore losers. I clearly remember Renegades failing to qualify for the finals of the Pan in the 21st Century Competition on several occasions in recent years and they said nothing. They respected the judges decision despite realising on the night of the finals that some of the bands that were in the finals were scrappy and clearly at a lower level of preparedness. 

Despite the various issues that affected their performance on the night of semis, when you take into account: music (and they had alot more than a bunch of scales up and dwn d place), clarity, tone, rhythm and precision, that performance could have NEVER placed 13th. MADNESS!!   

Rumor people "rumor" no body is sure of anything yet,but what have me worried is that renegades was not 11th nor 12th but rather 13th so if they makeing niose then what about bands with more points than dem?this makes about three years stright that band number 11 Angel Harps aint make it to the finals so them aint folks to?

 rumors are   just that

 we famous for that in tnt

 i would not be surprised at anything

 who is brave enough to stop a panorama final- it never happened and it aint about 2

Lydia please don't take this the wrong way, but you obviously don't know much about arranging, although Starlift's performance was not very strong it was nevertheless refreshing.

The development of the melody was approached in unique way and no doubt made the judges sit up and take notice. Unlike other arrangements on the night, Liam Teague avoided excessive repetitions which at the end of the day just amounts to jammin.

That's why I believe Starlift was included.

The question is remains however; can they perfect the process to an almost faultless performance? Because the arrangement is quite complex and calls for a high level of skill.

As a member of Starlift, I can say that Liam's arrangement was quite challenging and as you right noted it was void of excessive repetitions and we were able to reach the finals being the "smallest" large band. I am glad the judges actually judged the arrangement and not the size of the band. Alot of work has been done already and we are working hard for final night, so watch out!!!!
AGREED!  Excellent music...in fact the overall quality of the bands this year is extremely high...very rewarding for us the audience.

are you related to Ellie, Birdie and Ossie??

paddy corea NY

WOW look at the turn in history, when Despers had filed an injunction years ago it was like they were crazy for doing so.

Now big band Renegades did not make it and has to file an injunction to get into the finals.

Since when does the noise from North Stand disturb panist on stage. Come on are we becoming soft as we modernize.

I have played  pan many years in and with the noise it does nothing to the players.

Mr. Shabazzphotos we have evolved.  What Renegades is doing is excellent. Would you perfer that Renegades come with some "badjohns" from the past next year to insure that they will be able to perform without issue? Bravo I say to Renegades Steel Orchestras.  They should also named the Prime Minister, the cultural Minister and the TnT government in the law suit.



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