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Renegades files an injunction against Pantrinbago

BP Renegades files an injunction against Pantrinbago

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

By Jamaal Greenidge

...reigning champions Silver Stars and Phase Two Pan Groove were the leaders.

BP Renegades says the noise from the north stand during the panorama semi-finals affected its performance. The band has now filed an injunction against Pantrinbago, saying it failed to ensure conditions were right and fair for the competition last Sunday.

Pantrinbago says it has received the legal document and has passed it on to its lawyers. According to the band’s President, the DJ music played at the venue caused disorientation and band members were at a loss. BP Renegades failed to make it into the finals. National Carnival Commission Chairman Kenny De Silva yesterday Pantrinbago was responsible for that aspect of the event.

While BP Renegades did not make it to the finals, reigning champions Silver Stars and Phase Two Pan Groove were the leaders.

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@ leon and others who read the comments (i use the word comment loosely) by one "richardson holder", please don't fall into that trap. By making those comments, he has proven that there are still ignoramus amongst us. He probably said those things just to rile the pan community. People like him clearly do not have a life and want others to be as miserable as he is. Someone HAS to stand up against the bullshit meted out by PanTrinbago in the name of profit. It is really time.

Thank you Leon for letting those who were not there and those who have not a clue how a performer have to prepare himself mentally for the stage to be judged. When you have placed yourself and by extension the band in the zone of readiness what do you expect from the organizers? Nothing less than the best conditions and atmosphere in which to perform. Did the 1st Band to perfom get that from the organizers? The answer is NO!

You see the distraction was not what you would normally expect ( we should expect nothing less the the best),

the BOOM,BOOM of the drums, the LOUD DJ music , the FACT the the Band had to stop 4times after being announced. Don't you people think that would  have affected the previously mentally prepared performer?

Least we forget there were 120 performers that was disturded. To the organizers who did not provide the correct enviroment you need to make amends.It all comes down to either oversight,undersight or just plain DISRECPECT!

Leon Chandler you are absolutely correct in all that you have said.  It was totally unfair what happened with your band.  We in the Grand Stand saw it happening to you all and yes you are right the DJ and the drums on the Greens continued and did not stop!!!  As I have said before on another thread - PAN TRINBAGO is entirely responsible for this mishap and should by right of fairness give Renegades another try in the finals.  I am not a fan of Renegades but I am a fan of FAIRNESS and there was nothing fair about what happened here.  I hope you take them to court and WIN and this time take them for everything you can get so that this time they learn their lesson since they obviously did not learn a thing with the Exodus experience last year.  Renegades your are right and right is MIGHT!! good luck.

people please no name calling mr richardson holder is entitled to voice his opinion whearher we like it or not i  guess he just doesn't  understand what's going on or maybe he  chooses not to for the simple fact he probaly doesn't like renegades

Mr. Davis pan is of age when it members have to behave and communicate thoughts in a manner that makes them at least appear intelligent.  Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but not their own facts about a situation.  For the benefit of the steelpan movement people who have such a personal destructive fixation should not be allowed in the conversation. Mr. Richardson is such a person.


In the Oval it's hardly about cricket but Beer Girls, Posse and liming. In Tobago it's hardly about jazz but partying, playing yourself on the beaches and elsewhere...liming. In Panorama it's hardly about steelpan and music but lime, lime and more lime...Man, in the street where I live it's not about the neighbours' right to enjoy property but "sweat", sounds (car with doors open etc) and lime.

So wha is a lil noise? So wha is a lil disrespect? Small ting, ent Pantrinbago; NCC et al? 

You have no respect for yourself Mr. Baptiste and that is okay. Just don't try to spread that foolishness pass your nose.
So sorry Pan Woman. No mistake that this, like most issues affecting art and culture, is a serious matter not to be trivialised. I just figured to point out a trend that continues to affect us all. Clearly my comment struck you in its literal sense.

Your statement that no other band suffered the same fate is quite incorrect.  I played with Deltones on the north stand side and, like you said, could clearly hear the music over the band.  We made finals.....

Farse, are you saying because you made the finals it is okay that you were dissed? I hope you are more intelligent than that.

Have anyone thought if renegades made the final would there be this discussion and people call me what ever you want i just dont give a rats ass

If they make the final I would be outside the savanah protesting with a placard protesting because Deltones  and other bands played through that noise. The only consolation that I have is knowing that no band who has been thrown in to Panorama through the courts has ever placed higher than last. LET THEM SET THEIR SELVES UP for that


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