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Hello Renegades;

Just wanted you to know your performance at the semi finals was boss.  I am not a Renegades fan but what they did to you is wrong. The judges need to explain themselves.  Who are they going to mess up next?

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Have you been reading over the bilge that you write?Where did you get your information from?Typical Trini's repeating the nonsense you hear without  credible facts.Do you think that anyone can instruct ALL the judges to leave out a band.Half of you don't even have a clue as to the criteria used to judge the pan music, but have mouth will speak.I am sure Pan Trinbago would be happy to have all the critics and musicologist writing here as judges in the future,so stop complaining and send your resume's to the officials and you can tell us after how easy it was to be a judge and that you pleased all the pan men and supportors when they recieved the results.GOOD LUCK.

For judging the best pan, why isn't their a combination of the judges decision along with the public participation on which is the best band 1 through 10.  Something could be worked out as far as tabulating the score, combining both the public and the judges decision.

As a Panman....(Guiness Cavaliers), I don't know how a really good  musical arrangement as played by the Renegades, could  be excluded from the Panorama finals. No one knows what the  judges heard, (if they heard anything at all), but to discourage a band of so many young players the chance to execute their tune of choice is such a disgrace. We talk so much about youth development and support in society, yet judges, who can play a massive part in accomplishing this, throw a wrench in the success of these young people. 

We all know it is a "Battle Zone", but someone has to "Do something for Pan", especially when"it's Showtime"

If Pantrinbago have any testicles, they will not only apologise to the Renegades and the general public, as stated by Valentine Young, but allow the Renegades to perform in the finals. This way, the Pan-People can really hear 'How dey Comin"

I completely agree!

Renegades played very well and the arrangement was SWEET!

I was shocked and vex when I found out they didnt make it to the finals! kmt

i am wondering what went wrong on semi finals night....were the judges listening to the same show,there a number of bands that have not played that well..fontclair,renegades,harmonites.silver stars did not perform enough to be up there..

I missed renegades performance, but from what i heard of the other bands i knew the judges screwed up big time. I'ts been like that for years,, you know what we have to live with it. move on to nextyear show them what they missed out on renegades


As a veteran 'Gades supporter, I'd hoped the band would strike it big this year. I could not believe what I was seeing/hearing when the band formed up and had to wait for close to 20 mins before it could perform. Who allowed people to enter the North Stand with DJ, sound system, etc.?? I mean, we tolerate a rhythm section, once its members know they must stop their noise once a band, any band, starts to play. In days of old, when I used to be a NS regular, no one dared utter a sound when a band was playing.

   That said, I thought 'Gades played very well. But so did other bands...in fact, most bands in the large bands category. I thought Despers was great--except for a little hiccup in the final bars. I didn't hear Exodus and the bands after it: when will we stop this 4-day-morning nonsense, especially as the large bands suffer most? I don't agree with the placings, but who am I to talk--or judge? There's more to Panorama than winning, though (as if that's some consolation). I hope to capture what I thought were the blessings of great pan and superb players, not to add the real carnival atmosphere, in my column next Sunday. Quite a contrast to the bacchanal at the Chutney Finals (what lack of lyrics! what tatah!), and a far superior fare to any other show, Soca Monarch included (and dat 'ent come yet!)

I am sad for everyone in Renegades, but stay strong! I have been involved in the U.S. pan community teaching, arranging and building for about ten years now. Of course my teachers and mentors gave most of this to me, however when I picked up my first CD of panorama music (the red "panorama saga" disc) my world would never be the same! I could not stop listening to the tracks...over and over and over again until I had memorized all the intricate runs, chord changes and jam sections. I was in complete awe of what a steel orchestra could sound like, and for years, I judged all other steelbands by the standard of Renegades.

A few years after I got in to pan, while still in school, I had a chance to meet with Dr. Jit and had him listen to one of my first attempts are arranging. He was so very encouraging and receptive to my ideas and told me "I had a shot". As corny as it may sound, I owe much of my career to the inspiration provided by the Renegades and their famous arranger. So to those of you who are members of and affiliated with the band who may be feeling down at this moment, know that your music and your band's efforts over the years have made a huge impact in TnT and beyond! I stand by all of you and know that regardless of why the scores were low, political or musical, you will be back, and so many of us, fans or not, will be there to support you.
I agree with this comment - the mere idea that the national instrument had to take a side against an idiot playing music shows that pan IS NOT appreciated in our country. Besides, at a panorama competition, why was he or they allowed to set up in the first place??? I honestly believe that Renegades has grounds for an appeal to be included in the finals.....but seeing the powers that be and how they are functioning, that may never happen......
What a shame, what was the judges listening to maybe the Ion section in the North Stand.
I love steelpan music and I didn't get to hear Renegades on of my favorites. Having read some of the comments given by the pan lovers it has sadden me.The total disrespect of those patrons who displayed that type of behaviour.When ever I go to listen to bands being played you'll swear that I'm concentrating on an exam,people will ask me if I'm enjoying myself but you see I tend to listen to the sound of each pan. Renegades we love you and you have good  showmanship and discipline. Peace and Blessings to all the band members.
*****"Englishtrini" & Panance......Trinidad All Stars suffered this same fate some years ago......then went on to win Best of the Rest and worked our way back from there


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