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Condolences to his family and friends.

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I have never met Mr Brown, I left Trinidad to go on tour with Guinness Cavaliers in 1974 and ended up migrating to Australia where I currently reside, however I've had the pleasure of playing one of Mr Brown's instruments some years ago, a D tenor, sweet, balanced and perfectly tuned, and that's when I fell in love with his work.

For Carnival season 2014 one of my students in Australia wanted to experience playing in a Trinidad panorama, so I organized for her to stay with my family in San Fernando and play with Skiffle where one of my brothers (Bud Webb) was a long serving member.

While in Trinidad she had spoken with Mr Brown about ordering a Tenor pan. In September this year she asked me if I contact him to confirm the order and seal the deal, she said that she could not quite understand his Trini accent on the phone and this was the reason she asked me to make the call.

I was planning to make that call today Sunday 6th Dec, but when going through my emails this morning I found the tragic news. He was a true master of his craft, may he RIP, my condolences to his family and friends.

Alvin Rostant

My condolences to the Guppy Brown family and kindest regards.

I grew up hearing  the name Herman Guppy Brown being  called  by Eddison Carr as he  announced  the names of  the pan tuners for  the various bands during   Panorama broadcasts on radio. To me it seemed all the pans in all the bands were tuned  by Herman Guppy Brown.What  a great man! What  a great talent! What  a great loss! My condolences to his bereaved family  and  to the pan fraternity.I trust  that Pan Trinbago would seek to have his name  immortalised and  that Herman Guppy Brown be conferred with a posthumous national award. May God grant him peace and eternal rest in that panland up there.

I will miss hearing his name mentioned at Panorama. May he rest in peace.

Your presence will remain in this world, Herman. Condolences to the immediate family and also to the world!!!!

I am so sorry that such a legendary tuner has moved on. These are all such wonderful stories of the legendary man whom I never got a chance to meet. I did, through a mutual friend, obtain a Guppy pan in 2005. I knew this was something close to a miracle to obtain a Guppy pan.

I was told 20 years ago when I started teaching pan at West Humber CI that getting a Guppy pan was next to impossible and that the waiting list could be 5-7 years. Then I was told that only people who know Guppy got one. His pans are amazing, that is true. I am sorry that the pan world has lost another legend. Thanks Guppy for your excellence and integrity. Rest in Peace. 

Condolences, as belated as they may be, to the Brown family. We had interacted for the time of the Grenada Panorama 2015. His approach to making comments will certainly be remembered.


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