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R.I.P. Michael Jackson.......thanks for the wonderful music!!

Michael Jackson dies at 50

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I feel like a part of music history died in me, may you seek a peaceful afterlife than what you went through when you were alive. Rest in peace Michael
Without a doubt, the biggest influence to music of the 20th century and beyond!
He will always be loved and remembered as the King of Pop~~
Michael was probably without a doubt, the most phenomenal performer the entertainment world has ever seen. A gifted human being who loved children. It's a shame that he was hounded by the media, who savagely sought to bring him down, by refering to him as the "self proclaimed" king of pop and labeling him a "whacko." Being black in America, it seems, is tough even for a king. The world, however, will never forget this great, great, great, entertainer, who thrilled us all with his awe inspiring and immense talents as a showman, singer, songwriter and recording artist. This is a truly great loss. May his soul rest in peace. His legacy will endure long into the future. Perhaps for generations to come. How cool is that?
One of the greatest and most revolutionary contemporary artist that changed the face of the sound of urban music forever. What you hear currently on the radio and podcast internet today is directly related to the urban style that Michael Jackson is very much responsible for. He is and was the King of POP music ( Not Jason Timberlake folks).
I wasn't a fan of his many years ago in my teens because I did not fully comprehend the magnitude and scope of his message and music but after seeing his latest release album and understanding his fight against racism sexism poverty and world wide violence he is as highly ranked or higher that the legendary Stevie Wonder. Michael Jackson is a phenomenom who to this day has not been fully understood both musically and creatively by his adversaries in the music industry. Not even the legendary artist formerly known as Prince has attain quite an international voice as Michael. "Billy Jean" is just one of the many songs played by panmen which honour this incredible musician. He has been an ambassador for world peace for a very long time.
"Thriller" is still one of the most incredible videos ever. There is much that can be said about Michael Jackson and now it is expected that the vultures (the record companies that allowed him to be tarnished so that he would not go independent) will possibly try to make more money off his work now that he has passed away.
I have grown up with Michael's music and I have always been impressed by his immense talent and abilities. He started from the age of 6 and in spite of physical changes he really was a warm and caring individual particularly when it came to his interaction with children. Indeed he was a force to reckon with hence the reason attempts were made to bring him down, but nevertheless his music shall live on.
Pain no more.
Debt no more.
False accusations no more.
Welcome to the Ancestors.
Recalled to the heavenly stage for your ultimate performance.
No doubt you will hear - well done Michael, well done Michael, well done son, brother and father.
Welcome to the Ancestors.
In 1990 at Madison Square Garden, Michael gave a special fund raising concert for the United Negro College Fund. Upto this day, Michael's dancing, singing and all around stage presence has never been surpassed. Spectacular Thrilling and yes Bad!!!
Funny, last Saturday I saw his Thriller and Billie Jean videos and I marvelled how modern and uptodate they still looked.
The King of Popular Music is dead.
Long LIVE Michael Jackson.
You raised the bar, thanks Mike!
In Memory of Michael Jackson. Sesame Flyers doing Human Nature.
Micheal Jackson without any discussion or doubt was the ultimate performing artiste of all of time...... nothing cant really replace him.. and i believe all who are alive today are grateful to be part of this era of the KING OF POPULARITY,, KING OF REVOLUTIONIZING MUSIC..... KING OF PERFORMING ARTISTE, KING OF .......SPEECHLESS.....that how i feel right now..... R.I.P. MJ .. oh and hats of to phase 2 ... Billie jean.. WHENSTEELTALKS should post this video.. billie jean by phase 2 (pan in the 21st century)
My Brother,de pain ah feel is reserved fuh people ah truly love , may de ancestors grant you ah safe an smooth transition N ah know de welcome home party will be ah triller , de gran lodge will be jumpin when yuh reach . . . . love ,respect and eternal thanks fuh de memories . . .

Well that's too bad that you never loved the talent that Michael had to offer, but for those who did, including myself, he transcended legend. A true pan player would recognize those who comprise music, and learn from the talent and skill of others. It is what makes people better at what they do. And as much of a pan lover that I am, I am also ashamed that a pan lover like yourself would not at least revere the loss of someone as bloody great as Michael. Look beyond the chromed surface of your steelpan - shame on you.


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