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R.I.P. Michael Jackson.......thanks for the wonderful music!!

Michael Jackson dies at 50

Listen to Pan Tribute

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Michael Joseph Jackson. The greatest entertainer of all time. You don,t have to like him to know and accept that. The king of POP music. You know what you are, and people who know you, respect you for what you are, what you have made of yourself or what you have accomplished. I actually grew up with him and his music together with my family who also enjoyed his entertainment. Apart from other performers national and international he is my greatest inspiration, because he possessed all the qualities of the world class entertainer he was. He could be rated amongst the best like Muhammed Ali (Cassius Clay), but Ali was knocked out many times, Michael was never defeated. Give jack his jacket and give Michael his mike. I wished he could have lasted forever. May he rest in peace.
Micheal was great I enjoyed his music with his brothers and also when he went solo. I will comfort myself because my brother was shot to death in Tobago on the same day. So it is a day i would never forget. My brother was an ardent pan player. He played with Solo Mello Harps which has now crashed and from that band came Redemption Sound setters. He also played with B-Mobile Our Boys and toured with them on their last trip . May their souls rest in peace.
Mr. James, please accept my condolences.

Dear Mr. James

Please accept my heartfelt condolences

I know you're sad cause your Brother's has gone
But the coward's gun was just the vehicle
By which he traveled Home to Zion
To continue his work for The Most Hign One

He will be playing in the biggest steel band
With Crawl and the other great ones there
With no one to hurt him and nothing to fear
But angels to guard him and guide his hand

We feel your grief for a young one taken
Your soul is sad and your heart is broken

But you are not alone, we are with you here
Please let us say we love you and show you that we care
Please let us give you comfort and all your sorrow share

Blessed Love to you and your family
Ulynder C
Ditto to your comments. Surely such talent can only come from our Lord the Creator of all things beautiful. I can also say that my feelings about MJ are that he was truly an innocent and pure of heart person. Because of his love of children the sinful minded in the world judged him as pedophilac, since they did not, and could not, nor did they try to, understand such innocence. However despite all the nasty and prying things that was said about him and his life, they could not attack or bring down his God Given gifts or music and dance and creating. I think that MJ is now in the right place for him, a place of real love singing and dancing in worship to his and our Creator. Those things will live on and on as all great things do.
Through his music and the messages he conveyed, Michael Jackson attempted to hold before us a mirror of ourselves, of our society, to show us the problems, the barriers (social, economic and political) that we have created with the hope that we would be inclined to change for the better, to make the world a better place. By him transforming his color, he was, I think, attempting to say that if one has the power to change or transform one's physical appearance/skin color to one's likeness, what then is left to judge or assess? The answer to that would be one's character. That is in keeping with the Dream of Dr. King in which the world would be color-blind and that all that would matter is the content of one's character. Michael Jackson was saying that it does not matter whether you are this or that color (race, as far as I see it is nothing more than a social construct), but rather what is in your heart that defines you and that we all have feelings. It is a shame that it took his death for people to realize that he was simply a human being. Race, poverty, discrimination, bigotry, exploitation, ignorance are barriers/problems created/constructed by man. I think Michael Jackson sought to inspire us to rise above those things. But part of the problem is that most people are oblivious to what someone such as Michael Jackson is trying to convey. We are a society that is consumed with superficiality, hedonism, nihilism, and egoism, glamour and glitter. We like opium.

Collins Jackman

GOAT. THRILLER, In my opinion. the best pop album of all time. You are guaranteed to get multiple great songs on each of his albums. Very few can claim that..........one hit song and nothing else. RIP


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