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Everything Related to the Steelpan Instrument and Music


  1. Authority                                                                2        
  2. Definitions                                                             2 - 3
  3. Management                                                           3 
  4. Registration                                                           3 - 4
  5. Participation                                                          4 - 5
  6. Music                                                                     6
  7. Adjudication                                                          6
  8. Arrangers                                                               7
  9. Procedure for Competition                                  7- 10
  10. Qualifying and Preliminary Rounds                    10 - 11
  11. National Semi-Finals                                           11 - 12
  12. National Finals                                                     12
  13. Discipline                                                             12 - 13
  14. Recordings                                                            13
  15. Finance                                                                  14 
  16. Transport                                                               14
  17. Force Majeure                                                       14
  18. Interpretation                                                         14
  19. Declaration (to sign and return)                          15




                            1.        AUTHORITY:


 These Rules and Regulations are written in accordance with Article 7, Part B,  clauses ‘12’ and ‘14’ of the Constitution of Pan Trinbago Inc.


                            2.        DEFINITIONS:


2.1 Definitions and Interpretations – In this document, unless the context otherwise specifies or requires:


  1. a)Authorized person” means any member of the Panorama Management Committee, Central Executive or any person so designated. Such person shall be clearly identified by displaying his or her identification card or badge;


  1. b)Competition” means the Panorama competition at any of its respective stages and culminating in the National Finals for the competing steelbands;


  1. c)“Competition route” means the route that begins at the assembly area for bands, continues to the holding bay, the stage/performance area, and ends off stage after performance. 


  1. d)Conventional Steelband” means a steelband in which a pannist can play single or multiple steel drum instruments;


  1. e)Single Pan Steelband” means a steelband in which a pannist can play single steel drum instruments only;


  1. f)Panorama Management Committee” means the Committee established by the Central Executive Committee of the organization to manage the competition;


  1. g)organization” means Pan Trinbago Inc. (1986);


  1. h)Panorama” means the annual steelband competition organized by Pan Trinbago Inc. (1986) which commences in the weeks prior to Carnival and culminates in all the Panorama Finals.  This competition is for steelbands and the music is of the genre Calypso/Soca.  


  1. i)Panyard” means the place of abode of the steelband. The venue for the storage of the steelpan instruments, rehearsals and other related social activities of the steelband members;


  1. j)Player” means a person who performs as part of a steelband and includes pannists and others who plays non-melodic percussion instruments.


  1. k)Rules” means the Rules and Regulations governing the conduct of the competition;


  1. l)steelband” means a group of pannists playing instruments of the steel pan family and supported by a rhythm section;


  1. m)“Categories” means the different sizes and forms of steelband/steel orchestra for the purposes of the ‘competition’;


  1. n)“Pannist” means a player of steelpan instrument(s).


  1. o)“Holding Bay” means the area immediately preceding the stage or performance area.


                            3.       MANAGEMENT


3.1  Panorama Management Committee - Panorama 2019 shall be managed by a  Panorama Management Committee selected by the Central Executive in  accordance with the Constitution of the organization;  


3.2  Powers to Co-opt Persons – The Panorama Management Committee shall have  the power to co-opt persons who may assist in performing any of the duties and  responsibilities granted to the Committee;


3.3         Duties of the Panorama Management Committee - The duties of the Panorama           Management Committee shall be as follows:-


(a)               to apply and administer rules and regulations governing the competition as ratified by the Central Executive Committee and; 

(b)              to submit a report in writing on the competition to the Central Executive Committee within twenty one (21) days of the completion of the competition.


                            4.       REGISTRATION                    


                            4.1     Registration of steelbands:


4.1.1       Registration is open to all steelbands who are members of the        organization for at least two (2) years and is of good financial               standing.


                                      Note the deadline for registration for Panorama 2019 was 31st March, 



                            4.1.2    Please note that the deadline for registration for Panorama 2020 is 1st  

                                        April, 2019.


                            4.2.    Registration of players


4.2.1       Every steelband registered and participating in the Panorama is required to submit     to the Panorama Management Committee the list of names of all their players

   who would be performing in the competition on or before the date of their first     performance.


   Therefore, for Panorama 2019, the deadline date for each category in each zone is             as follows:






South/ Central

Tuesday 22nd  January &

Wednesday 23rd  January

Tuesday 5th Feb &

Wed. 6thFebruary

Monday 11thFebruary

Sunday 10thFebruary


Thursday 24thJanuary

Tuesday 12thFebruary

Friday 8thFebruary

Saturday 9thFebruary


Friday 25thJanuary & 

Saturday 26thJanuary

Thurs. 7thFebruary

Friday 8thFebruary &

Saturday 9thFebruary

Sunday 10thFebruary

Monday 11thFebruary


Sunday 27thJanuary &

Monday 28thJanuary

Tuesday 29thJanuary

Sunday 10thFebruary &

Monday 11thFebruary

Saturday 9thFebruary

Tuesday 12thFebruary


4.3.         (i)        Registration Fee      The registration fee shall be the sum of twenty-five                  dollars ($25.00) for all local players.


(ii)              All Non-nationals of Trinidad and Tobago before performing at the National Panorama with any steelband/steel orchestra, shall pay dues of one hundred United States dollars ($100.00 US) or equivalent to the association, for temporary membership for one (1) year, in accordance with Pan Trinbago’s Constitution Bye-Laws.


(iii)            Payments by non-nationals must be made at the Head Office of Pan Trinbago – a receipt will be given.


                            4.4       Entitlement of Registration:


(a)   Only players who are registered with Pan Trinbago shall be authorised to perform in the competition.


(b)   Players shall be authorised to perform with one (1) steelband in each category of the competition.


                            5.         PARTICIPATION


5.1      Participation in Panorama 2019 shall be open to all bands properly registered as at  4.1.1, subject to:


(a)               The band continues to be in good financial standing in the organization;


(b)              The band establishes to the satisfaction of the Regional, Central Executive and Panorama Management Committee that it is reasonably prepared for the competition.


(c)               The band has no disciplinary matters (for or against) it with the organization.

5.2          Category of participants in the National Steelband Panorama:


  1. a)There shall be four (4) categories of steelbands for the purposes of  the National Steelband Panorama.


  1. b)The categories of steelbands shall be as follows:


  1. Large Conventional Steelbands
  2. Medium Conventional Steelbands

iii.             Small Conventional Steelbands

  1. Single Pan Steelbands


  1. c)ALL conventional steelbands shall be permitted to play with a minimum of forty (40) players as registered in the various categories for 2019.


  1. d)The Maximum number of players permitted to perform in each  conventional category shall be as follows:



















  1. e)Single Pan Steelbands -  Single pan bands shall be permitted to

                                                                         perform as follows:




30 maximum &  20 minimum

30 maximum


5.3 Any steelband that fails to appear and compete at any stage of the competition  shall be considered to be in contravention of the rules, and any such steelband  shall be obligated to return any monies forwarded by and through the organization  and received by them as Assistance to bands in preparation for the competition.


5.3.1 Any Steelband that is in receipt and possession of monies as at 5.3 shall be  required to return such monies to the organization within seven (7) days of the  date that they failed to appear.  Failure to do so would render the band to be not in  good financial standing until and unless (i) the monies are repaid in full or (ii) the  band makes an agreement for repayment to the satisfaction and acceptance of the  organization.


5.4 Draw for Playing Positions – All competing bands shall be required to draw for playing positions in the Zonal, Semi-Finals and Finals of the 2019 National Panorama Competition.  The Steelbands shall be notified by telephone, email and/or written circular of the date and time of each draw for each stage of competition.

                            6.       MUSIC:


6.1  Music Selection – For the purposes of the competition, each participating  steelband may select and perform any Calypso/Soca or Chutney, providing that:


  1. a)the selection has not been played by said steelband at a previous Panorama Competition.


6.2  Failure to Comply with Music Selection - Any steelband which selects a  tune for the competition that fails to comply with clause 6.1 hereof shall be  disqualified from the competition.


                            7.       ADJUDICATION:


7.1  Maximum Points for Adjudication – During each stage of the competition,  every steelband shall be marked on the basis of a maximum of 100 points.


7.2  Adjudication Criteria – Each steelband shall be awarded points for the  following categories:-


(a)               Arrangement – a maximum of 40 points shall be awarded under this category


(b)               General Performance - a maximum of 40 points shall be awarded under this category


(c)               Tone - a maximum of 10 points shall be awarded under this category


(d)               Rhythm - a maximum of 10 points shall be awarded under this category.



                            7.3       QUALIFYING ROUND  - SINGLE PAN BANDS


The qualifying round for Single Pan Steelbands shall be held in each region and will commence from Tuesday, January 22, 2019.  The Panorama Management Committee shall determine the schedule for the judging process.



                            7.4.      PRELIMINARY ROUNDS – CONVENTIONAL BANDS:


The Preliminary rounds of the Conventional Steelbands shall be held in each region and will commence from Wednesday, February 6, 2019.  The Panorama Management Committee shall determine the schedule for the judging process.







Judging of the performance of each steelband during the qualifying/preliminary stages of the competition shall occur at the panyard of the particular steelband or where such panyard location is deemed unsuitable for the purpose, at a suitable location in the particular community.




The Regional Executive shall have sole authority to determine whether a particular panyard or other location within the community is in fact a suitable location for the conduct of the qualifying/preliminary judging competition for the respective steelband.




The process of adjudication of the qualifying/preliminary stage of the competition shall be as follows:


  1. a)The Panorama Management Committee shall recommend four (4) panels of four (4) adjudicators to judge the qualifying round for Single Pan and the preliminary round of the National Panorama Competition in the various categories.


  1. b)Immediately at the end of the qualifying round of the Single Pan Bands and the Preliminaries of the Conventional steelbands, the four (4) adjudicators shall draw by ballot to select the three (3) to be applied to the score and the one to be the alternate.


  1. c)Except that, if any of the four (4) adjudicators should become unable to function for the entire qualifying round for Single Pan Steelbands or the Preliminaries of the Conventional Steelbands, then the score shall be determined from the three (3) remaining adjudicators.


8.       ARRANGERS:

8.1 Arrangers – Arrangers shall be allowed to arrange for only one (1) steelband in each category. 


                            9.       PROCEDURE FOR COMPETITION


                            9.1        PROCEDURES FOR ALL COMPETITIONS:


9.1.1           Preliminary Round – Performance must begin within fifteen (15) minutes of the arrival of      the adjudicators at the venue.  See 9.1.3 (f) re: penalties to be applied.






                            9.1.2    Procedures to be observed by steelbands on the day of the competition:


(a)               Each steelband is required to present its members and instruments at the competition venue at least two (2) hours prior to the time stipulated for the commencement of the competition;


(b)              All steelbands shall appear and play in the order in which they drew by 



(c)               If any steelband shall fail to appear in the position in which they were due to appear as selected by ballot, the next steelband in sequence as selected by ballot shall proceed along the competition route to the judging area when instructed to do so by duly authorized personnel; 


(d)              No steelband shall deliberately impede another steelband.


(e)               Steelbands are expected to play/rehearse their music along the competition route until a clearly marked cut off point.


(f)                All steelbands shall be easily identifiable and shall have prominently displayed on its banner the Name of the Steelband, its location, the Name of its Manager, Captain/Leader, Composer, Arranger, Tuner/s and the Title of the Calypso the steelband is playing as well as the number of the position in which the steelband is appearing as selected by ballot;


(g)               Members, including players, pushers, officials, etc of each steelband must be easily identifiable.


                            9.1.3    Procedures to be observed by steelbands prior to their performance:


(a)   Steelbands shall stop playing before proceeding into the “Holding Bay”;


(b)   Steelbands shall prepare for performance in the “Holding Bay” and proceed on stage when required to do so by the authorized personnel.


(c)   Each steelband shall be subject to a count by the authorised personnel immediately prior to the commencement of its performance, to determine that the number of players about to perform is within the minimum and maximum as set out in clause 5.2.


(d)   Any authorized official of the steelband may assist the authorized personnel in the count of players and no member, official or supporter of a steelband shall impede the authorised personnel from carrying out the count.


(e)   Where there is disagreement between the authorised personnel and the steelband official(s) on the results of the count, the matter shall be referred and decided upon by a panel of three (3) members of the Panorama Management Committee, and no steelband shall commence performance until there is agreement or decision on the result of the count.


(f)    Any undue delay or refusal by a steelband to comply with the rules shall result in the steelband being:


  1. Not adjudicated upon. ii.Fined and

iii. Any other disciplinary action as determined by the Central Executive of Pan Trinbago


(g)   The resident Disc Jockey at the respective venues shall be allowed to play           the music selected by the steelband for a maximum of eight (8) minutes        prior to the commencement of the performance of the steelband.          


(h)   Each steelband shall be ready to commence its performance at the end of             the playing of its selected music by the D.J.

   The onus is on the steelband to provide their music to the D.J. and the        steelband shall commence its performance whether or not the D.J. plays its       selected music.


(i)     The steelband shall commence its performance when required to do so by           the authorised personnel and in accordance with clause 9.1.3.


                            9.1.4    Procedures to be observed by steelbands during their performance.


 All steelbands competing at the National Panorama are required to  comply with  the following procedures in respect of the commencement and conclusion of their  performances before the adjudicators:-


(a)               A steelband shall commence its performance before the adjudicators upon receiving an instruction to do so by means of an Amber Light, or an Amber Flag or Instruction from the Authorised Stage Personnel, who will liaise with the Panorama Management Committee (P.M.C.) official in the judges enclosure.


(b)               A Conventional Steelband shall perform for a maximum of eight (8) minutes before the panel of adjudicators;


(c)               A Single Pan Steelband shall perform for a maximum of six (6) minutes before the panel of adjudicators;


(d)               Upon the conclusion of its performance, a steelband shall immediately proceed along the route away from the stage area upon being signalled to do so by a Green Light or Green Flag or Instruction from the authorised stage personnel.


(e)               If during the performance of a competing steel orchestra, rain begins to fall and even so continues to fall, the onus resides with the officials of the steelband, to determine whether to bring the band’s performance to a stop or not.


  1. Should weather conditions or any other disturbance cause a steelband to bring particular performance to a stop, there shall

be no penalties applied for such temporary halting of said performance.


  1. In the instant when the band is ready to start or resume its performance, a representative of the band must inform a stage official, who would relay said information to the relevant officials, before the band starts or restarts its performance.


iii.      There shall be no penalty if a situation as at 9.3 (e) occurs.




9.1.5        Time of Adjudication – Adjudication time for each Steelband shall commence when the first note(s) is struck and conclude when the last note(s) is struck before the panel of judges.


9.1.6        Any performance by any steelband shall not exceed the allotted time for their  respective category and if any performance should exceed the allotted time, a  deduction of one (1) point from the score given by each judge shall be made for  every ten (10) seconds in excess of the allotted time.   


9.1.7        Responsibility for Conduct of Steelband – The leaders and officials of each competing steelband shall be expected to collaborate with the authorized personnel to ensure a smooth and timely flow of steelbands along the competition route. They shall be held responsible for the behaviour, conduct and general deportment of the members and followers of their steelband.


9.2 The Central Executive Committee reserves the right to make a count of the performers of the band during their performance.





 10.1 The Qualifying rounds for Single Pan Steelbands shall be held throughout Trinidad and  Tobago as follows:







Tuesday January 22

6 pm



Wednesday January 23

6 pm



Thursday January 24

6 pm



Friday January 25th

7 pm



Saturday January 26th

7 pm



Sunday January 27th

5 pm



Monday January 28th

7 pm



Tuesday January 29th

7 pm








 10.2 The Preliminary rounds for Conventional Steelbands shall be held throughout Trinidad and  Tobago as follows:






Tuesday  5th 

6 pm

South/Central National SMALL Conventional Prelims


Wednesday 6th 

6 pm

South/Central National SMALL Conventional Prelims


Thursday 07th 

6 pm

East National SMALL Conventional Prelims


Friday 08th  

7 pm

Tobago National MEDIUM Conventional Prelims


Friday 08th  

6 pm

East National SMALL Conventional Prelims


Saturday 09th

11 am

East National SMALL Conventional Prelims


Saturday 09th  

1 pm

North National MEDIUM Conventional Prelims


Saturday 09th

7 pm

Tobago National LARGE Conventional Prelims


Sunday 10th   

5 pm

South/Central National LARGE Conventional Prelims


Sunday 10th  

6 pm

East National MEDIUM Conventional Prelims


Sunday 10th   

5 pm 

North National SMALL Conventional Prelims


Monday 11th 

7 pm

North National SMALL Conventional Prelims


Monday 11th 

7 pm 

South/Central National MEDIUM Conventional Prelims


Monday 11th 

7 pm 

East LARGE Conventional Prelims


Tuesday 12th 

6 pm

Tobago National SMALL Conventional Prelims


Tuesday 12th 

7 pm

North National LARGE Conventional Prelims



                                 NOTE:   Opening of the Score Sheets will be Wednesday 13th February, 2019.


                      10.3   All bands shall perform at their respective venue in their region.  


10.4 Conclusion of Conventional Steelband Preliminary Round – At the conclusion of the Conventional Preliminaries Steelbands will be selected to progress to the National Semi-Finals in order of merit in the following manner:-


(a)             Fourteen (14) Large Conventional bands

(b)             Fourteen (14) Medium Conventional Bands

(c)             Thirty (30) Small Conventional bands


10.5.       At the conclusion of the qualifying round, Single Pan bands will be     selected to progress to the National Finals in order of merit in the  following     manner:


                                        (a)       Twenty (20) Single Pan bands




11.1 Semi-Final Round for the Small Conventional Steelbands shall be held Opposite Victoria Square, Park Street, Port of Spain on Saturday 16th February, 2019 from 2.00 p.m.


11.2 Semi-Final Round for the Medium and Large Conventional Steelbands respectively shall be held at the Queen’s Park Savannah, Port of Spain, on Sunday February 17, 2019 from 1.00 p.m.


11.3 National Single Pan Finals – At the conclusion of the qualifying round, twenty (20) steelbands shall be selected by order of merit to compete in the Single Pan Finals, which will be held at the Basketball Court – Arima.


11.4 Small Conventional Band Finals - At the conclusion of the Semi-Final round – fourteen (14) steelbands shall be selected by order of merit to compete in the National Small Conventional Band Finals to be held at the Skinner Park, San Fernando.


11.5 National Medium Band Finals – At the conclusion of the Semi-Final round, ten (10) steelbands shall be selected by order of merit to compete in the National Finals.


11.6     National Large Band Finals – At the conclusion of the semi-final round, ten (10) steelbands shall be selected by order of merit to compete in the National Finals.


                            12.     NATIONAL FINALS


12.1 The Finals for Single Pan– The National Finals for Single Pan shall be held at the Basketball Court, Arima on Sunday February 3, 2019 at 4:00 p.m.


                            12.2                The Finals for Small Conventional Bands– The National Finals for Small

Conventional Bands shall be held at the Queen’s Park Savannah, on Thursday February 28, 2019 at 6:00 p.m.


12.3 The Finals for Medium and Large Conventional Steelbands – The National Finals for the Medium and Large Conventional Steelbands shall be held at Queen’s Park Savannah on Saturday February 2, 2019 at 6:00 p.m.


13.      DISCIPLINE 


13.1 Disciplinary Measures – Failure to comply with any of the provisions of these Rules without good and sufficient reason satisfactory to Panorama Management Committee a steelband shall be subject to fine and/or disqualification by the Panorama Management Committee, after investigations.


13.2.1 Any steelband that fails to comply with clause 4.2.1 – i.e. to submit to the Panorama Management Committee and/or Pan Trinbago, the list of players in the stipulated time (on or before the deadline date), that steelband shall incur a fine of ten percent (10%) of their Appearance Fee.




13.2.2`And any steelband that fails to submit to the Panorama Management Committee

(P.M.C.) and/or Pan Trinbago the list of players within seven (7) days after the stipulated time, that steelband shall incur a further fine of ten percent (10%) of their Appearance Fee.


13.3          Any steelband that fails to register with Pan Trinbago any non-national of Trinidad and Tobago for temporary membership shall incur a fine of ten percent (10%) of their Appearance Fee and seven hundred Trinidad and Tobago dollars ($700.00 TTD) for each non-national not registered.


13.4          Penalty for failure to comply with:

  1. Clause 9.1.2 (b), (d), (e) and (f):

10% of Appearance Fee/Prize Money


  1. Clause 9.1.3. (a), (h), and (i):

10% of Appearance Fee/Prize Money


  1. Clause 9.1.3 (d) and (f):

15% of Appearance Fee/Prize Money


  1. Clause 9.1.7:

10% of Appearance Fee/Prize Money


  1. Any player who is recognized and certified by the authorised personnel as having performed with more than one (1) steelband in contravention of Rule 4.4 (b) any fees shall be forfeited to and by the organization.


13.5          Any steelband that brings legal action against the organization If the action brought about is lost, the band will be required to pay cost as ordered by the court.


                            14.       RECORDINGS


14.1     Right to Make Recordings – The organization whether by its agents or consignees, shall have the right to record on audio, video or other medium the performances of a performer or a band of performers during any phase of the competition and to utilize such recording for such purposes as it deems appropriate.


14.2 Consent to Recordings – The subscribing to this document of a signature of any person duly authorized to act on behalf of a steelband shall be deemed sufficient consent by that member steelband to the recording of its performance at the competition by the organization for the purpose stated at 14.1 hereof.


14.3 Share in Revenues – Where the organization proposes to offer the said recordings or any of them for sale to third parties, the organization shall enter into negotiations with each performer or steelband whose performance is captured on the particular recording determine the quantum of remuneration to be remitted to them out of the profits realized from the said sale.






                            15.       FINANCE


15.1 Financial Contributions - In keeping with the resolution to that effect passed by the members of the organization at its Convention in 1982, each steelband which participates in the competition shall remit to the organization a financial contribution in a sum equivalent to ten percent (10%) of the earnings of the steelband from Prize Monies, Appearance Fees and Assistance Fees received in connection with the competition.


15.2  Deduction from Gross Earnings – For the purposes of convenience in remitting payment of the financial contribution mentioned in clause 15.1 hereof, the organization shall deduct the respective sum from the gross earnings of each steelband prior to paying over the net earnings to the said steelband.


15.3 Quantum of Prize Monies – The quantum of Prize Monies, Appearance Fees and Assistance Fees is and shall always be contingent upon the sums received by the organization from the allocation from the Ministry of Community Development, Culture and The Arts, through the National Carnival Commission or other designated Ministry that the organization falls under.




16.1 Transportation Expenses – During the Semi-Final stage of the competition Pan Trinbago will assist competing steelbands in the Small, Medium and Large Conventional categories in meeting their transportation costs to and from the respective competition venues, based on geographical location.


                            17.       FORCE MAJEURE:


17.1 Means an event or effect that cannot be reasonably anticipated or controlled —  compared to an ACT OF GOD.


17.2 Pan Trinbago shall not be liable for any action that may arise because of any  inability to commence and/or conclude any round of the National Panorama arising  FORCE MAJEURE and shall reserve the right to decide on any alternative or  resolution to any situation or condition that may arise.


                             18.    INTERPRETATION:


18.1 Interpretation of Rules – These Rules shall be construed in accordance with the  Constitution of the organisation and the laws of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. 


18.2 Where Rules are Silent – On any matter in relation to the competition in respect of which these Rules are  silent, the  Central Executive Committee  shall have the power to make decisions thereon and any decision of the Central Executive Committee made in those circumstances shall be final and binding on all parties.


18.3    If any round of Panorama, i,e, Preliminary, Semi-Finals or Finals cannot be started and/or completed because of any force majeure, Pan Trinbago reserves the right to

decide on any alternative or resolution.

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