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Greetings Everyone, 

Here are a few photos of Convocation Day June 13th 2014 at York University Toronto, Canada
This is one up for the "Pan Man". Masters (MA - Musicology)
Hoping to inspire the younger and not so young generations ...... 
Salah's quote of the day .... 
" Get to the highest level of education as early as you can ...but if you are like me ...know that it is never too late to graduate."
To the Global Pan Community ...we need more people in the pan world attaining higher academia
(God willing) I am ready to get to the higher level.
Best regards to all graduates of 2014
Salah Wilson
MA - Musicology

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Thank you Cecil

Great achievement, Salah. Congratulations.

Thanks Terry

So you've graduated, big deal. Yes, this is a very big deal, Salah. Very well done. Congratulations and kudos to you.. You are an inspiration to all who aspire to achieve success. Best wishes in all your future endeavors. Way to go, bro!

Thanks bro!

Hi Salah, 

             Congrats, and well done.



Thank you Web

Way to go soldier ... a la Liam 

Thanks Hollis

Congrats Salah. I was thankful for Carlyle Eversley that teach me to read a lead sheet and some basic in chords to survive in my musicianship in Australia. I work with graduates from the School of Music Canberra that made me a better musician. God Bless those you had the opportunity to keep studying.

Congrats and well done bro!

Congrats Salah! I wish you success also as you climb higher in the foreseeable future. You have inspired many of us to achieve more for pan.


PS: Remind the folk that I'm off to T&T tomorrow and will return to the York Pan Tuning Club the second weekend in July.


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