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Hi everybody,

My name is Christian Lajoie recruiter for Proship Entertainment.

We are searching for.steel pan players from Trinidad for work on cruise ships as soloistsand to teach passengers ,good salary,free food and lodging, travel in the Caribbean.

Email me ,we are connected with 13 cruise lines.

All the best to you



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Why does it have to be people from Trinidad.?

Because they Cyah pay American money, lol

You know, Bede may be joking, but he has a point.

Cruise ship lines have always been known to staff their crews with workers from third world countries who are happy to accept less than appealing work conditions than North American or European workers, and it may be the same thing here.

On the other hand, based on the situation, there may be quite a few unemployed pan players in Trinidad and other islands who, out of necessity, would gladly accept wages and conditions that may seem unattractive to North American players.

actually they DO pay 'american money', lol - and the pay is pretty decent. but for me (yes, a North American) Glenroy you got it right on the button -  the working conditions are too miserable.


You know, maybe, just maybe they are aware that Trinidad & Tobago IS the land of the Pan......and maybe, just maybe these Canadians are of the view that this is where they should perhaps FIRST try? 

There are lots of other islands with excellent pan players....St. Lucia, Antigua & Dominica to name a few.


I had a Facebook friend name Bob Lyons, I think he almost got trap into that

Umm! umm! Free food & accommodation? Is that an inducement? So could one get the food & accommodation without playing/teaching? Just a thought.

Bede, could you elaborate more on Lyons being trapped with this

What gives? What is wrong with American pan players? Especially those born of Trinidadian parents

What's wrong with people from Trinidad? is it because Trinidad is the home of the steelpan


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