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Semi Final Results are in - Shocker! No Exodus in Final!

Trinidad and Tobago steelband music panorama giant knocked out of finals.

No Exodus in finals!

Large Conventional Semi Final Results:
1. Phase II Pan Groove 277
2. Silver Stars 273
3. Skiffle Bunch 272
4. All Stars 266
5. Invaders 260
6. Desperadoes 260
7. Harmonites 260
8. Fonclaire 259
9. Redemption Sound Setters 258
10. Renegades 257
11. Tropical Angel Harps  256
12. Exodus 255
13. Starlift 254
14. Our Boys 242
15. Pamberi 242
16. Deltones 238
17. Birdsong 235
The Top 10 Bands have qualified for the Large Conventional Final Competition, 13th February, 2010!

Medium Conventional Semi Final Results:

1 Steel Xplosion 270
2 Valley Harps 269.5
3 Buccooneers 267
4 Sound Specialists of Laventille 266
5 Katzenjammers 263
5 Curepe Scherzando 263
7 Dixieland 260
8 Couva Joylanders 257
9 Sforzata 254
9 West Side Symphony 254
11 La Brea Nightingales 250.5
12 Tokyo 249
13 Pan Elders 248
14 Arima Angel Harps 247.5

The Top 10 Bands have qualified for the Medium Conventional Final Competition, 13th February, 2010!

Small Conventional Semi Final Results:

1 Laventille Serenaders 267
2 Merrytones 260
3 Crescendoes Musicale 255
4 Arima Golden Symphony 253
4 Golden Hands 253
6 Tamana Pioneers 250
7 Tornadoes 248
8 Panasonic Connection 241
9 Codrington Pan Family 239
9 Fascinators Pan Symphony 239
11 Flamingoes 232
12 Antillean All Stars 229
13 Longdenville Claytones 226
14 Tipica 225

The Top 10 Bands have qualified for the Small Conventional Final Competition, Small Conventional Bands and Single Pan Bands Finals will be staged at the South Quay Stands, Port of Spain, on Friday 12 February 2010.

Click for full results http://www.panonthenet.com/tnt/2010/results/2010summaryresults.htm

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what Exodus?
It is sad to see all the venomous comments about Exodus not making it to the final, like " I am glad they did'nt make it" no one should be glad a band was eliminated, think of all the young people in the band who practiced very hard night after night, just like the young players in the bands that make it to the finals. None of that dedication and effort deserves to rewarded with "I glad they are out". We are showing our young poeple the wrong attitude to adopte in dealing with this art form. I congratulate all the bands that performed and wish the ones eliminated the best of luck next year and the ones in the finals much luck on the 13th. If the finals are to be raised to 12 bands, I applaud Andy's statment they will decline, they a class organization. I will not hide my affiliation, I consider myself more than a fan or supporter of Exodus and Pelham Goddard, I consider myself a friend and I have the outmost respect for the management, arranger and players. I know they will have a better showing next year.
Nonesense. If the rules say that 10 bands are to be in the finals, then 10 bands are supposed to be in the finals. Look, I played for bands that lead by 20+ points into the final night and lost by one point in the finals. I know bout heartbreak. That is the nature of compeition.

Pantrinbago is obviously changing the rules in the middle of the game to allow a certain band to be in the finals. This should not be allowed. The other bands should protest this. You cannot change the rules in the middle of a competition.
What about a band that led and lost by 1/2 half a point on the night ask Fonclaire about that
Keith the only reaon why you are saying what you are saying is because pelham is the arrange for the band you are incharge off no other reason and people who no about the people who are running Exodus no that they are first class organizationso stop playing with people intelegance you can fool some people some time but you can't fool people all the time ??????
But Momo is there truth to Mr. Marcelle's statement? And if there is, are you not just as guilty of all the things you have accused others of in the past? Are you not letting your personal differences get the way of the progress of pan?
every thing i said of people is the truth i dont let personal difference blind me i have and always will put whats best for pan first this is not personal because i wll not let my personal buisness get in the way. some of these people dont care about pan because some of them will not go through what some of us go or went through to keep pan going .all they care about is the big pay day a lot of them was not even good players or can play pan just the one who can talk the talk
Well said Mr. Marcelle
I would like to make a couple observations. 1-Most comments on the results are biased to certain bands.Competition is about who was best musically on the day, based on the criteria for scoring by the judges. Now, question "how many of you know what points are accessed to what"? WHEN YOUR FAVOURITE BAND WINS, DO THE JUDGES KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING? OR IS IT ONLY WHEN YOU LOSE? AS they say there are more questions than answers for you " so called" CRITICS.
Nuff Said
Human beings will never be content, there will always be jealously, envy and mayhem. There is only a minute room for objectivity and so competition will always show its biased head. I have the utmost respect for Mr Ainsworth Mohammed in the article I read this morning in the Express, where we are sorry that Exodus did not make it to the finals this year and that hurts allot of us, but Exodus was the band that came from the east and ''mash up de place'', how quickly we forget, so wait and see out of trials and tribulations cometh renewed strength and victory. Exodus might be down at this time but its just a matter of time for them to rise to glory again. Revenge is always sweet, keep on keeping on Exodus,soon the haters will be crying and just remember Obama, ''YES WE CAN'' and will.
do you believe it is right to change the rules in the middle of the game?


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