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Semi Final Results are in - Shocker! No Exodus in Final!

Trinidad and Tobago steelband music panorama giant knocked out of finals.

No Exodus in finals!

Large Conventional Semi Final Results:
1. Phase II Pan Groove 277
2. Silver Stars 273
3. Skiffle Bunch 272
4. All Stars 266
5. Invaders 260
6. Desperadoes 260
7. Harmonites 260
8. Fonclaire 259
9. Redemption Sound Setters 258
10. Renegades 257
11. Tropical Angel Harps  256
12. Exodus 255
13. Starlift 254
14. Our Boys 242
15. Pamberi 242
16. Deltones 238
17. Birdsong 235
The Top 10 Bands have qualified for the Large Conventional Final Competition, 13th February, 2010!

Medium Conventional Semi Final Results:

1 Steel Xplosion 270
2 Valley Harps 269.5
3 Buccooneers 267
4 Sound Specialists of Laventille 266
5 Katzenjammers 263
5 Curepe Scherzando 263
7 Dixieland 260
8 Couva Joylanders 257
9 Sforzata 254
9 West Side Symphony 254
11 La Brea Nightingales 250.5
12 Tokyo 249
13 Pan Elders 248
14 Arima Angel Harps 247.5

The Top 10 Bands have qualified for the Medium Conventional Final Competition, 13th February, 2010!

Small Conventional Semi Final Results:

1 Laventille Serenaders 267
2 Merrytones 260
3 Crescendoes Musicale 255
4 Arima Golden Symphony 253
4 Golden Hands 253
6 Tamana Pioneers 250
7 Tornadoes 248
8 Panasonic Connection 241
9 Codrington Pan Family 239
9 Fascinators Pan Symphony 239
11 Flamingoes 232
12 Antillean All Stars 229
13 Longdenville Claytones 226
14 Tipica 225

The Top 10 Bands have qualified for the Small Conventional Final Competition, Small Conventional Bands and Single Pan Bands Finals will be staged at the South Quay Stands, Port of Spain, on Friday 12 February 2010.

Click for full results http://www.panonthenet.com/tnt/2010/results/2010summaryresults.htm

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doh worry man, ah sure Robbie have something special for the finals. He has given us two really good arrangements in the last two years.
well said i have been saying this also
Absolutely! Listening to panorama on the web, is no way to judge the performances with all the compression Ctnt probably had to do to send the feed to their studio as well as more compresion on the internet -also who knows what slipshod micing was done. The nuances, are all missing as well as low end. With all respect many bands had percision playing, technical fireworks, and complex arrangments. But when Phase II pan GROOVE (with an accent on the GROOVE!) played I heard all the above AND got up and danced. The arrangement and execution was a joy to listen to.
I agree
yes terrance is my dad
no he dont have and email............. but i can tell him u asked for him
Apperently no Tobagonian writes in this colum. Well as a Tobagonian I must say hats off to all the tobago bands that has made it to the finals. We are slowly but surely comming of age. Congrats men and women of Tobago.
Congrats to Tobago Bands, I say take the Trophy and the $$$ to Tobago
I Second That!! :) Congratulations to the 'dark horses' from the sister isle!! I expect great things in the finals from Steel Xplosion and Sound-Setters under Mr. Winston Gordon!
(Big up to all the Daniels in Lambeau and James of Mount Marie !!)

Sandra, NY
Yes!! steel xplosion is one day going to win Panorama. Fab performance .


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