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Semi Final Panorama Results - click for full results across all rounds


The finalists for the blink/bmobile National Panorama Finals were announced during the wee hours this morning. The Grand Finals is scheduled for Saturday 05th March at the Queen Park Savannah, Port of Spain. The finalists in each of  the three (3) categories are as follows:-



1.             Arima Golden Symphony                                                                                263

2.             Tornadoes                                                                                                       261

2.             Merrytones                                                                                                       261

4.             Golden Hands                                                                                                  259

5.             St. Margaret’s Superstars                                                                                256

6.             Southern Marine Steelband Foundation                                                         253

7.             Longdenville Claytones                                                                                  252

8.             Old Tech Steel Orchestra                                                                                250

9.             Tamana Pioneers                                                                                            249

10.          Panosonic Connection                                                                                      248

10.          Codrington Pan Family                                                                                     248



1.             Katzenjammers                                                                                                 264

2.             NLCB Buccooneers                                                                                           263

3.             Pamberi                                                                                                            262

4.             Courts Sound Specialists of Laventille                                                             259

5.             Valley Harps                                                                                                     258

6.             Pan Elders                                                                                                        252

6.             Arima Angel Harps                                                                                           252

8.             Steel Xplosion                                                                                                  251

9.             Sangre Grande Cordettes                                                                                250

9.             Power Stars                                                                                                      250



1.             Petrotrin Phase II Pan Groove                                                                       270

1.             PCS Silver Stars                                                                                            270

3.             Neal & Massy Trinidad All Stars                                                                     269

4.             Sagicor Exodus                                                                                              264

5.             NLCB Fonclaire                                                                                              262

6              Desperadoes                                                                                                  260

7.             Caribbean Airlines Invaders                                                                          259

8.             Petrotrin Siparia Deltones                                                                             256

8.             Starlift                                                                                                            253

10           RBC/RBTT Redemtion Sound Setters                                                          250                        


The 31 steelbands made the cut from a field of forty four (44) at the “Savannah Party’ yesterday witnessed by thousands.



click for full results across all rounds

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Remember "You Be The Judge CDs in 2005?"


EXACTLY!    i've been saying the same thing since 2005 & wondering why they don't do every year like that? I too feel the cd's/dvd's should include the semis performances of the bands that were not in the final.



pack load of rubbish how did silver stars come over allstars man..dem judges are a dang trip man!!
what are these judges doing when they're allowing ah bunch ah chromatics to beat real top ah the line arrangements it makes me sick.
Does anyone have a WST audi-video link for Petrotrin Siparia Deltones playing Trini for Panorama 2K11???



I recommend listening with a good pair of headphones. A beautiful piece of music. Whilst I'm not 'taking away' anything from Deltones performance, I had to cup my ears, close my eyes, mentally blank away the distraction around me to not just being able to hear but listen to this creation.


Had this music been played with say Skiffle Bunch instruments I guarantee you 'Zanda' would have been in 7th heaven instead of 7th berth. 

zanda and deltones (a fine partnership) are keeping panorama from deteriorating completely into an event that primarily values the visual over the aural. each year i find fewer and fewer arrangements that i would want to listen to after the season, but zanda is always inside that decreasing bunch.


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