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Semi Finals Results for Large Conventional Steel Orchestras - Trinidad & Tobago National Panorama 2019

Large Band Results (Semis)

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My calculation was based on 273 to 253 = 20!!! (Prelim)

And then 279 to 271 = 8!!! (Semis)

So I saw SKIFFLE as closing the gap by 12 POINTS.


AL to me it sure did, as I said Zanda can upset the whole apple cart.

ok. Improved they did but not by such an amount.

How did you or how do you compare Invaders and Supernovas performances with Desperadoes. Are you in agreement with the disparity of points given - 5 more than Invaders; 10 more than Supernovas?

It's only Invaders that regress, they went from 2nd place to 3rd with 2 other bands.

Ces I place marks before positions since marks determine the positions

Hey Guys just a reminder that the points are not awarded based on the previous performance. Everyone starts at zero each competition night. Points are awarded based on that night's performance. Several bands may have improved performances or some may not be as good or they have made drastic changes to the song, or in some cases the piece of music got exposed for what it really is. Hence the reason for the changes in the points

Ray Aware and appreciated.

I use it as a guide. All performances were improved yesterday.'Tis whether improved performances were justly or aptly awarded; that's my interest. For the record, I do not think so at all.

Al your concern is well understood. I would say as lovers of the competition we would like to see some consistency. I would admit how difficult it is to achieve this when each band performs in a different environment in the preliminaries. However, from the semi-finals on we should look forward to some reasonable consistency even when we don't agree. When we don't get it then we get upset rightfully so


Very interesting discussion about the judging!!! But there is just so much complexity in everything in life, sometimes you just have to live with THE RESULTS and move on!!!

I am NOT A KNOWLEDGEABLE PAN PERSON -- but I don't think about THE JUDGES (or blame them) anymore although I could see the argument that has been put forward.

DESPERS was 13 points behind RENEGADES after the PRELIM!!!

And now they are 3 points behind RENEGADES!!!

So through my lens they gained 10 points ... so I see what MR. A.L.Nunes is saying given all that was explained.

That is much more dramatic than the SKIFFLE JUMP to anyone who has been reading the DEVELOPMENTAL POSTINGS. And listening to the four performances (Desperadoes and Renegades) that BIG GAIN is hard to justify on many levels.

But in the FINAL ANALYSIS  -- As HILARY CLINTON famously said: What Difference does it make anyway -- DUVONE is going to IMPROVE on FINALS NIGHT and win his SECOND STRAIGHT PANORAMA.


Actually, I think when it all shakes out the JUDGING will prove to be QUITE FAIR!!!


Really did sound much better in the semi than they did in the premiums. Trying to judge these bands in different yards really can't be done fairly. Some bands have two walls surrounding them - some have three. Trying to compare these band in their yards is like trying to compare great sports players from different eras. It can't be done. Only when the bands come together under the same conditions can we really compare them. I felt the judging was very fair so far in the large category.



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