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Mr. Claude stop call meh name and the names of my CIP soldiers.

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I don't need a crystal ball to see even this turning into a disaster too.

1. The last time the President "instructed" the Secretary to call a meeting, the members were served with an injunction to stop said meeting. 

2. Seeing that this memo clearly didn't come from the Secretary (which is the norm), I am NOT attending that meeting without popcorn and a coca cola. 

3. Was any official release given to those who were questioning the number required to make a quorum? If so, what is that figure and what are the bands that are financially cleared to be present?

Unlike many people on this forum, I actually did "born yesterday", but within those few hours of my life, I've seen ENOUGH in Pan Trinbago to know when BACCHANAL is about to go down. 

So what's up in the next chapter of the novel called "Pain Trinbago"?.........time will tell. So seeing that's it's the year for love, lemme do like all my fellow civilized Panmen/Panwomen out here and SIDDONG, ROCK BACK, and hush meh mouth while I wait 5th in line for my money. 

No. 3

Still nothing official on the quorum.

However, this is a continuation meeting and any number of bands come to this meeting constitute a quorum. Well at least according to the constitution.

Marcus: If this meeting ACTUALLY comes off, send me a BILL for your POP CORN and COCA COLA.

But if it get postpone you owe me some LOCAL COCOA STICKS so I could grate and make some TRINI COCOA TEA in the morning.

Mankind does miss that TOO BAD!!!

Ah done explain to EVERYBODY that FORTEAU and JOSEPH playing for time and the last thing they want is an ELECTION IN OCTOBER.

Ah even put up a POSTING today explaining their STRATEGY. But people so HUNGRY to run PAN TRINBAGO that they cannot even see this MEETING is just another MAMAGUY TING!!!

Is the PAN TRINBAGO WEBSITE still active? Take a clue from that!!!

I've said it before and I'm saying it again, ALL STEELBANDS RESIGN FROM PAN TRINBAGO.....

We will find out TOMORROW if the ELECTION RACE IS ON!!!

Despite all the CHAT (ole talk) on THIS FORUM -- I am doubting that FORTEAU will allow an election to happen so soon!!!


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