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Sesame Flyers Steel Orchestra Pan Yard Vandalized!

New York, USA - The Brooklyn, New York Pan Yard of Sesame Flyers Steel Orchestra was broken into during the very early morning hours of Thursday August 19, 2010 and vandalized. The perpetrators left the yard in disarray and completely destroyed the electrical fittings and extensions put in place to facilitate lighting for the band’s nightly rehearsals.


Band leader Keith Marcelle (and also President of USSA [United States Steelband Association]) told When Steel Talks (WST) that the acts bore the markings of deeds done “with complete malice.”

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Thank you all for the words of encoragement and concern. No insruments were damaged, thank God. I just arrived home from practice and my mind is back in the yard, I can only pray all will be well.
This act will not stop the band, it just slowed us down a bit.
This indeed is an outrage! I am speechless, seeing such a malevolent attack happening, that is clearly aimed to hit the Sesame Flyers Steel Orchestra where it hurts them the most, and to throw them back on their efforts of giving a great as can be performance soon.

My warmest sympathy goes to the Sesame Flyers musicians and staff1 I hope that you wil make the extra effort to catch up with All you need again, and then make stunning performAnces to show what you are made of - I cross my fingers for you and want yOu to know that I believe you can make it! Show them what yu are made of :-)!!

Those, though, who did that, and who very obviuosly cone from a competitor orchestra, outed themselves as malevolently chldish in the worst sense, harmful for the Steel Pan community and definitely unworthy of playing this wonderful instruments They should be banned, and forced to switch to playing with garbage cans from now on, because this is how they acted here - like they were garbage! And I wish them loads of fun seeing who cones to see them play from then on - I have heard that rats are intelligent, so these idiots will have a hard time impressing even the rodent community with that they have to offer!

Jeez, this news REALLY tics me off ...If you find out who did this, LET THEM HAVE IT. Garbage cans. Full ones. I mean it!

Greetings from Germany to the Sesame Flyers Steel Orchestr and to all upright and devorted steel pan players,


to be honest I can't see any band leader sanctioning this type of behavior; they may disagree with each other at times, but they are like brothers and they always lime together at some point or lend each other instruments and racks, etc. These band leaders have more integrity than that...at least, that's what I believe from being around them;

I think we should reserve judgement until we know for sure what happened...for all we know, it could be folks who attended a practise session, saw where the food and T-Shirts were being stored & came back to get them. Times are hard and people are unemployed, so maybe these guys intend on selling the T-shirts and keeping the food...who knows?

Well ... of course it is hard to really say who did this. And I did not mean my comment to be a war cry now, but just an expression of my anger about vandalism that really hits someone where it hurts, and they cannot even defend themselves, but just try to pick up the pieces.

Agreed on the fact that it does not have to be a competing Steel Pan Orchestra who is behind this. If so . and if they had intended to kick the other orchestra out of the race for good, they would also have stolen or at least demolished the instruments. Whereas, on the other hand, it might *also* be that they avoided just that deliberately, to keep the circle of possible perpetratoirs wide, and ...

Ahhh, so what ... This indeed is not a Whodunit movie, although the circumstances immedialtely bring out the Sherlock Holmes in me, haha ... Sorry, if I went a bot overboard there.

All my best wishes again, that the mess can be fixed, and all musicians can do that what they strive for to do: Play the Steel Pan, and make awesome music :-)!


Your first post was on point. You're more right than you know.
"to be honest I can't see any band leader sanctioning this type of behavior"

Really, Gospel Pan? Can people be that sure - sure enough to put your neck on the chopping block for that one?

And you have to think twice - such a strange thought pattern for you to come up with -
"it could be folks who attended a practise session, saw where the food and T-Shirts were being stored & came back to get them"

People who are hungry - dont come to pan practise sessions, - they have other issues!

And further -- if people are "hungry" as you claim - if they steal food to eat, refreshments to drink, and tshrits to sell (to buy "more food" according to your logic, what then is the reason for destroying and ripping out all the electric wires run througout - even to the toilets and stuff?

What are they hungry for in the toilets to cut the wires?
Good point...MakeItPlain.
GospelPan, there seems to be a lot information that dispels your belief. One of the Brooklyn steelband leaders is reported to have had a major meltdown a day before this incident. The accusations and threats that were made as told to me were incredible and embarrassing. I;m sure you will hear about it soon, as it is already out there and common knowledge, that is, if you don't already know about it.

Interesting, I will have to ask around...it would be a real shock and a shame "if" a steel band leader was behind this madness...and I would have to ask the question, "will pan folks ever grow up, so that pan can go forward?"


Pan will move forward when it rids itself of unscrupulous characters. What does this say about a people that will associate themself with such a low life? I heard that this character threatened to call homeland security on a bunch of pan children. It's is all over facebook, New York and Trinidad.
Bugs, I understand what you're saying, but motive doesn't imply guilt...the truth of it will come out soon, I'm sure.

Something that folks are overlooking is that "if" a competing steel band wanted to take out another band, why didn't they destory the pans?

It makes no sense...unless you're a crack-head.

We need to give these steel band leaders the benefit of the doubt...in other words, they are innocent until proven guilty....otherwise it's more of the same...bachannal.
Guilty, guilty, guilty. This person implicated them-self. He's a low life.



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