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Should the Panorama champs visit the White House if invited?

Washington Post -- ‘The moment we’re in’: United as baseball champions, Boston Red Sox are divided by Trump

“I have never, ever, ever voiced my opinions that way before, because I’m not a political person,” said Carmen de Lavallade, 88, a black Creole actress, dancer and choreographer, who was among the first to spurn Trump.

In August 2017, she announced she would not attend a traditional White House reception for performers honored annually by the Kennedy Center. That prompted Trump and the first lady to respond by skipping the awards event.

“It’s like he opened Pandora’s box,” said de Lavallade, who had performed for President Lyndon B. Johnson. She cited Trump’s equivocations in denouncing the marchers in a white supremacist rally in Charlottesville for prompting her decision.

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Andre: You living in CANADA!!! You don't have A CLUE about POLITICS in AMERICA.  Even the people who live in AMERICA and LIVE ON THE EAST COAST -- DO NOT HAVE A CLUE!!!

Tell SALMON he need to make some GLOBAL PAN MUSIC with that E-PAN and if he needs a CONSULTANT, i will ADVISE ALLYUH FOR FREE.

Thank God!!!  Praise the Lord that I do!!!

Wake up Claude!

Claude, the African Americans/blacks in US have no friends, not Democrats, Republicans nor my Progressives. We are an end to a means of getting what they want so they attempt to be inclusive of blacks and Hispanics when it will benefit them. The same applies for most islands in the Caribbean, examine who really capitalizes in Trinidad, not the blacks, please explain to me why.  Also Claude many of us live outside of Trinidad and follow the politics and events more than the locals, go figure.

"so they attempt to be inclusive ..."

Wendy: You have more political awareness than BUGS and ANDRE combined!!! When you have some more time, please come back and teach these fellahs a little more!!!

You may well believe in the politics of derision and division.  Trump has shown his true colours many times over and his march continues...  " You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time." ~ Abe Lincoln.

As a management employee working on a daily basis with people from diverse ethnic backgrounds, I had to lead with a sense of inclusiveness, based on policies designed to get employees to work together despite their racial differences.

What happens after they leave the work environment is their business.

 Some of the policies that guided our decision-making started with sensitivity and diversity training, giving them, the employees’ opportunities including training for their personal growth and professional development.  My neutrality as part of the job requirement made some question my political allegiances.

 Mighty Chalkdust - Too Many Party's

Andre: Yuh taking THE TALK too seriously. Lighten up!!! Just remember that in TRINIDAD the two major races is 40% to 40% with the rest mixed. And you see how racist and brutal the ruling party could be with such a slim majority and some gerrymandering.

So imagine in America it is 66% WHITE versus THE REST. So what do you expect based on the TRINIDAD EXAMPLE.

And look at GUYANA. More money than they could spend coming -- and the most likely event is a CIVIL WAR based on race and total destruction of the country.

So TRUMP is well within his PERCENTAGES -- HUMAN NATURE!!!

I'm a pragmatic realist when it comes to such matters and always keep a good sense of humour.  My take on life is not that jaded or bent that I have to see Human Nature as always choosing the route of Evil over Good.

"For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?" Mark 8:36 ~ Holy Scriptures

Next year will determine if the Trump 2016 Election is an aberration that will continue the course-correction started in 2018 into 2020.  Once the Cons wake up they will have an epiphany and run away from Trump.  No wonder they want to continue to cozy up to the Russians to keep the dice loaded.  Talk is cheap, actions speak louder than words.  Que sera, sera...


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