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Silence of the pan peopleSilence of the pan people

Friday, November 2 2012

THE EDITOR: On Sunday October 28, 2012 should have been the election of officers of Pan Trinbago for the 2012-2015 term for the National Executive of Pan Trinbago. 

Instead, because of a high court order the elections had to be postponed, due to some issues revolving around the constitution of Pan Trinbago.

It seems to me, that the warriors/defenders of the movement have all gone silent since the days of the late George Goddard, Arnim Smith, Oscar Pile, to name a few, men who would stand up for what they believed in, and were not afraid to challenge Pan Trinbago’s leadership. 

In the 1980s and 1990s some new voices came on the scene, and attempted to follow in the footsteps of the aforementioned “warriors” and made their voices heard whenever there were slip ups, from the National Executive. 

Men like, Darryl and George Duncan, Kendall Lewis, Michael “Scobie” Joseph, Milton “Wire” Austin, Marie “the blue Hair lady” Dupres, Godfrey Joseph, David Balbosa, Sam from (Tunapuna All Stars) Unfortunately, these new warriors too, have become silent.

One has to wonder, what is the reason for the silence, as there are many issues affecting the movement that needs to be addressed, hence our stagnation. It is time that somebody revives that old warrior spirit and stand up for truth, honesty, and justice for all the members of the organisation. Only then, will good governance return to Pan Trinbago.

Joseph John


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Temper. temper, temper now Mr. Diaz.  Don't get your pressure up now. The internet is here to stay.

Glenroy, Mr. Diaz is a sugarless gummy-bear.


Trevor, just to let you and the forum know that PAUL CLARKE has no connection steelband wise or other wise to GERARD CLARKE!!

Gerard, I know of Paul Clarke since during the sixties. He was a teacher and sports master at Progressive secondary school, located on Henry Street, Port of Spain. He is presently in charge of a band, Boys Town of Point Cumana .He is   Manager, Captain etc. their pan Tent has been renamed Stardust steel orch., and Paul Clarke has taken Boys Town Pans ( just a handful) up the hill.  They have no players, are unable to participate in competitions or even come on the road for carnival. Y et the President of PT, said in the meeting on 28/10/12, to the Chairman of the Northern region, who querried the authenticity of the representative from the band, that the Liaison officer never reported that, that band was not functional. so, they received a cheque for Assistance. People of Pan, Trinidadians , What does this appear to be?

That is one of the reasons the grant from the Ministry pf Arts and Multiculturism is constantly been reduced, Too many Fraudulent activities under the guise of "Helping Pan"

Why don't the PRO visit the area and make attempts to organise the band so that they can teach young people the art of playing Pan and learning music, forming possibly a club. Making them sort of self sufficient, but not getting money under false pretences for supporting the incumbents.

Trevor, I'm aware.

When the Blueprint for Pan was put forward,,,the Clauses/Legal relevant to the governing of Pantrinbago, by ,,, Pan"tum the ghost who speak,,,,there were a barrage of attacks and degregation by many,,,the Backdoor deal with Chief Bowie,i had said one thing in the inception which was , i have nothing against such a partnership, once all tuners,,arrangers were properly reimbursed, with the reshuffling of tuners  on a 3 or 6 months basis , one can recheck my comments for verification, i had asked why didn,t Diaz not made it public to all of the Pan people?,,but !the said attitude prevailed,,attacks,,with degregation,,Chief Bowie did not view the comments of many of us as a guide for a fruitful  outcome,,now this is the results of the deal,,,,,i had said it before and would repeat it once more PANTRINBAGO  IS TOTAL STAGNANCY,, it,s time for Diaz to go,the words of Pan'tum and many on this website are coming to pass,, i have already  stated on this website why i was silent,, my respect to all of the   WST members,,Diaz must go  by hook or crook,,let Ms R Moore be given a fair chance to perform, God Bless.

Power Stars Steel Orchestra

114 Western Main Road

St. James,

Trinidad & Tobago

West Indies


November 22, 2012


Mr. Richard Forteau

Secretary – Central Executive


Room 1D, First Floor, Victoria Suites

14-17 Park St, Port-of-Spain




Dear Sir,


Further to my letter of October 19, 2012, I wish to acknowledge with many thanks receipt of my orchestra’s Panorama 2012 Net Appearance disbursement of $2970.00 TTD on the morning of the disbursement of Annual Reports of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on Sunday October 28, 2012 at the Capital Plaza.  I also acknowledge with many thanks your notice (ref. RF/hsj) of November 7, 2012 in which you gave notice of the Triennial Regional Meeting of the Northern Region of Pan Trinbago T.C Inc to be held on Wednesday, November 28, 2012 at the Communications Workers Union Hall, 146 Henry Street, Port-of Spain from the 5:00 p.m., for the following purposes:


  1. 1.      To receive the Report of the Regional Executive for the period December 2009 to November 2012.
  2. 2.      Elect Regional Officers.
  3. 3.      To transact any other business that may be properly before the meeting.



According to the Constitution of Pan Trinbago Inc. reference is made to Article 10:1– Elections–which states, “Officers of the Association shall be selected by means of the electoral process which shall be held at two (2) levels:-a. The Central Executive Committee which shall be elected at the triennial Special Convention;
b. The Regional Executive Committee which shall be elected one (1) month after the Special Convention”


And also according to the Constitution of Pan Trinbago Inc reference is made to Article 13:Offences Part A - 1,2, 4, 5 & 7 which states, “A: OFFENCES

  1. 1.      Offences for which an Officer of the Association may be tried are as follows:-
    1. 1.      Repeated failure to abide by the provisions of this Constitution or any other written laws of the Association.
    2. 2.      Espousing doctrines repugnant to the principles, aims and objectives of the Association.
    3. 3.      Misfeasance, malfeasance or nonfeasance in office.
    4. 4.      Personal Misconduct such as to bring the Association into disrepute.
    5. 5.      Conduct unbecoming of an Officer
    6. 6.      Misappropriation or misuse of funds of the Association.
    7. 7.      Abuse of powers and prerogatives of an Officer.
    8. 8.      Willfully failing or refusing to use means at his disposal to protect the property, rights and interests of the Association



Under my jurisdiction as a certified delegate of a bonafide member steelband of Pan Trinbago T.C Inc, and with the unanimous approval of my orchestra’s Board of Management as the Chairman/Manager, I am conveying to you through this official letter of complaint, formally lodging my orchestra’s strenuous objections with the trend of actions of the Secretary of the Association; in that (1) while in his acknowledged circular of November 7, 2012 and August 24, 2012 (ref. RF/hsj) as posted in the Annual Reports of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on Sunday October 28, 2012 at the Capital Plaza summarizes the execution of the event, managed and chaired under the pretext of the same circular of August 24, 2012 before the matter became sub judice thru High Court Order that placed all of the organization's electoral processes have been put on hold pending the judgment of the High Court on predetermined date of December 03, 2012; and in that (2.) the manner in which these notices from your office seen attached are being circularized within this misguided conceptual framework of your executive’s interpretation of the Constitution of Pan Trinbago Inc Article 10:1 as articulated by your good self at Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on Sunday October 28, 2012 at the Capital Plaza through the meeting’s Chair,  summarizes that which I speak of, in your office’s intent of deliberately corrupting and convoluting in a manner, in circumstances which I must say at best, is to create a cacophony of convulsions to deliberately corrupt salient Pan Trinbago constitutional clauses regarding Elections, that is at best abhorrently unacceptable.



If the Secretary of the Association through circular (ref. RF/hsj) of November 7, 2012 wishes to continue within the execution of this notice of Regional Election of Officers on the grounds of what The National Executive believed to be also a Triennial Special Convention Meeting where Central Executive elections are held; then the Secretary of the Association is reminded, that the current acknowledged notice of November 7, 2012 would be “in advisable if not inappropriate” as again, the matter of all of the organization's electoral processes Central Executive & by direct extension Regional Election of Officers is also sub judiced.


Your continued course of action, Mr. Secretary, I am to advise you in your collective wisdom, at best is ultra vires and illegal on Pan Trinbago's part and maybe construed by the Court in its current review on this matter; (1) at worst as an attempt to interfere and intimidate with a judicial process governed by the supreme authority of the Constitution of the Laws of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago into giving you the remedy, the very remedy that you are being claimed from in the matter in the court in the first place;  and (2) at best allowing the plaintiffs in this litigation whilst the matter is pending in the bosom of the court, to build a case of legal ammunition of illegal notices to mount upon, until the matter can be ventilated before the Court at which time the National Executive can account for their willful disregard of the Order, on predetermined court date of December 03, 2012.


I trust that this correspondence which is made without prejudice will be taken in the vein on the basis of the precluded arguments that in accordance with the above mentioned reasons. It is our orchestra’s hope that in our well-placed trust in your good office that reason and good wisdom will prevail, and the correct course of action will be taken, for the reasons stated above already highlighted. 


Thanking you in advance for your kind assistance and service.








Gregory Lindsay


Power Stars Steel Orchestra



cc.        Mr. John Harris                       Secretary, Power Stars Steel Orchestra

Mr. Keith Diaz                        President, Pan Trinbago

Mr. Douglas Williams             Chairman, North Region PAN TRINBAGO

Mr. Vernon Morancie             Chairman, Eastern Region PAN TRINBAGO

Mr. Eldon J.W. Bain               Chairman, South Region PAN TRINBAGO

Mr. Jeffrey Joseph                  Chairman, Tobago Region PAN TRINBAGO


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