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Silver Stars and Steel Xplosion Triumph for Steelband Panorama 2010

Trinidad and Tobago - Trinidad and Tobago’s National Panorama competition climaxed for yet another year, with Silver Stars and Steel Xplosion Steel Orchestras taking top honors in their categories on Carnival Saturday night in Port-of-Spain at the Queen’s Park Savannah. Along with bragging rights, both bands walked away with the approximate equivalent of USD $159,489 and USD $96,463, respectively.

In just under eight hours, twenty steel orchestras took the stage - ten each in medium and large categories - and delivered scintillating sounds on steel before thousands of fervent pan music lovers gathered. It would be nearing 3:00 a.m. local time before the final notes were played.

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congrats to silver stars. well done again. i dont understand what is the big deal that people are having with the intro. when despers used "star wars" during "band from space" no one said anything. get a grip people. panorama is now evolving to a musical theatre. and it is good that bands are now using props and dances and other stuff to entertain the audience. not beacuse it is a musical competition means dat it must stick to music alone. get a grip . . . . jeeeeezzzzz!!!!!!!!
hey marcus you know when despers used that star wars music for their intro i thought it sounded really good but at the same time I also thought it was a bit cliche' and a form of plagiarism which for this reason i personally was not in favor of the "copy & paste" or "sampling" technique that some arrangers use to be "creative" because actually its not... a definition of creativity is "the ability to use the imagination to develop new and original ideas or things, especially in an artistic context"... in "fire down below" 1st jam session - Boogsie used some thrills to depict a raging fire and then the siren depicting the emergency service on the way..,now that is creativity or "sound of the ghost" - Jit used those eerie sounds that would give the sense of paranormal activity..very creative or Quarless with allstars and that damn "Earthquake" or Smooth with the "Rain melody" ...wow to say the least... my curious question if you might have the answer would be ...does the judging criteria reflect panoramas' evolving to a musical theatre?
clearly i dont know. lol!
I hear you man ...lol as well.....but it would be nice to see the judges final analysis just to see how they go about doing what they do....what exactly separates # 1 from #'s 2,3,4,5,6 etc....
well u hav a point. i agree.
In response to your question no it has not, the criteria does have however "interpretation" which to me is a crucial aspect of Panorama today.An arranger's interpretation of their selection by sampling in my humble opinion is okay. I have judged a competition for pan already and the most difficult part was separating the bands because all in my opinion all the bands were good, but the band that got the nod was the band that interpreted their selection the best.

Theater is needed in Panorama as a medium to truly convey the message of the music. I am one who listens for interpretation based on the name of the selection. I was truly impressed with Silver Stars last year and again this year. Panorama has evolved and we need to embrace the change. Musically the standard has more or less remained constant. But I hear your opinion and I have given mine
Hi Roland, I'm glad to know that you judged a competition before. I'm with you about an arranger's "interpretation" of their selection as being key, e.g. Jit's arrangement of Kitch's Bees Melody. But what about those tunes that are not that "interperative" e.g. de Fosto's Judgement Day. Was Renegades' choice of tune in '06 therefore wrong because of its percieved lack of "interpretivibility"?

In my view not at all, for that year Jit certainly outdid himself by crafting the sweetest piece of music for the panorama. Whilst interpretation in Bees was exquisitely musically done (the cello-ic drone of the swarm & the tenor-ic buzzing of the bees!) there was absolutely no need for "theatrics". [it's true that 'theatre' was indeed tried with 'Statue' way back in '76 but did not come off very well and the band paid dearly....]

So theatre is not new. More accent is being stressed on it today and I am firmly of the view that marks should be ascribed to it because that way the playing field would be more 'level'. Whilst I lean towards the audio, I cannot write off the visual. Its impactness upon the psyce is without doubt - not only to paying patrons and viewers worldwide (who perhaps know precious little of what Panorama is) but in particular the judges!
Thanks for the comments, but again I believe that when an arranger chooses a selection, they would have some idea as to what they can do with the selection based on their interpretation of the song/melody etc. , lets say the selection is " The Town", from the arranger's interpretive mind that could be interpreted a number of ways, the trick I guess would be to find a mechanism to bring that across in a medium or way that the judges can recognize. An arranger may choose a rural town setting others an urban town interpretation etc. so, even if it means a little sampling, or the dress of the band or a little dance group , I believe that any theme could be interpreted.
I hear you Roland but I just believe that sampling directly competes with originality and in the long run originality loses and fades away which can’t be good for a progressive panorama…. And yes what would happen in the instance where a song by title is not as good as another or just lacking where interpretation can be implemented…. because that would lead to a pre-requisite to the song of choice…..
You are so write no one is saying that the big names in the competition deserve to win all the time, but judging on a musical level what really is panorama, to me silver stars uses a very cliche, approach that lacks creativity or originality and the point remains what can one really sing along when they are finished hearing the band perform. We go to do what see theatrics or judge performance musically? Big up the Big name arrangers for they still play music Large is Large whether we like it or not yes change is good but not all the time in every aspect. So what should bands do now invest in theater productions for panorama best we have a show and not a competition.
Congrats Silver Star...Pure Soul....


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